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How Multi-Operator Mode & Tipping Feature Work

Achieving success requires hard work, innovations and taking care of the smallest details, that don’t seem to have direct impact on your business profits at first sight. However, when you look at the big picture everything changes.

myPOS features of such kind are Tipping feature and Multi-operator mode that you can find in the menu of each card payment machine. Read on to find out how Tipping and Multi-operator mode work and how they improve the day-to-day workflow and benefit your business.

Tipping feature

Not long ago, card payments and tips had nothing in common and customers couldn’t leave tips unless they paid in cash. The good news is that we changed that as we know how important is for clients to show appreciation and gratuity for the staff.

Paying by card or using a mobile wallet don’t have to be an obstacle and with this in mind we developed and integrated a Tipping feature into each myPOS Device. It makes tipping possible with zero extra efforts for the staff and the customers.

Each myPOS Device has a Tipping function and business owners can turn it ON and OFF to enable/disable the feature. The tipping itself happens in no time – when the employee enters the payment amount while making a transaction, he/she sees a field to choose the amount of the tip. The client simply enters the preferred sum and that’s it! No hassle for the customers and your staff will feel appreciated and motivated to give their best at work.

Multi-operator mode

This feature is extremely useful when the same myPOS terminal is used by several people. Widely used in restaurants, bars and stores where people pass shifts between each other, the Multi-operator enables business owners to monitor individual turnover for each member of the team and get a clear view of their success and results.

Setting up Multi-operator is very easy. Business owners need to enable the Multi-operator mode on the myPOS Device and provide each staff member with individual and unique code called Operator code.

This code allows to track the total number and the value of transactions per employee, to split tips and analyse the workload. All that is managed online, through the myPOS account.

Now when you know how to put tipping feature and Multi-operator to work for you, try them out and enjoy better business results.

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