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How myPOS resolves hospitality payment problems

5 reasons to choose myPOS for your hospitality business

Due to the significant rise in the tourism industry, the hospitality business has faced the need of process optimization and reduction of expenses. Automation of the payment process is a necessity, as mistakes happen even when you rely on highly-qualified staff. But when staff goes hand in hand with a professional POS system, the results exceed expectations and revenue grows.

Almost all businesses in the hospitality are already familiar with modern technologies and POS systems, but some of them still face issues.The issues mainly concern delayed or missing payments, unhappy staff due to lack of tips with cashless payments, incompatible terminal devices, inability to take payments when customer is absent, etc.

Not all POS systems on the market can overcome these difficulties and it can be a complex task to choose the best payment system. There is, though, a solution which covers all main concerns of the companies in the hospitality.

myPOS is  a payment solution that creates favorable circumstances for increased sales and better customer experience. It has a proven positive effect on the overall company results and monthly reporting. Business owners across 30 countries in the European Economic Area can take advantage of myPOS and its smart features to emerge above the competition.
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1. Pre-authorization

With this feature the business owner can hold a certain amount of money from the client’s card. It’s most commonly used in the hospitality industry, because customers usually make reservations and payments from a distance. Pre-authorization guarantees that the payment for the provided services is received. It is, of course, done only with the customer’s consent and notification in advance.

2. myPOS Virtual

This feature is designed for businesses that want to receive online payments. There are three ways to provide this payment option to the customers:

They  allow a secure exchange of payment details without the need of storing them.

3. Tipping Mode

Tips have always been one of the reasons why people working in hospitality and they’re usually possible only with cash payments. However, thanks to myPOS, customers can tip even if they make card or contactless payments. Employees now have one more opportunity to earn something in addition and one more reason to ‘walk the extra mile’ for the customer.

4. Multi-Operator Mode

myPOS Multi-Operator Mode is perfect solution to manage employees who work with the POS card readers. The person in charge of the business or shift can grant each employee with a personal code for POS operations. This not only demarcates the daily sales per individual, but allows easier end-of-shift reporting.

5. Payment Request

myPOS Payment Request

Payment request is the newest feature in myPOS package. It allows the business owner to send payment links to customers via a text message, email or even chat applications. The payment request leads the customers to a convenient gateway page where they complete their payment details to finalize the payment.

It’s extremely helpful for businesses arranging accommodation or transportation, as customers are usually not present at the time of the arrangement.

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