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How to easily accept card payments online now

Are you searching for an online payment method that lets you accept card payments quickly and easily?

With the constant growth of online shopping in the UK your small business is not alone in this quest. But how can you choose the right online payment platform making sure it has everything your business would need?

The answer is simple – you need various easy-to-work-with channels to get money from your sales. Here are 6 such ways to receive payments online with the help of myPOS:

Virtual Terminal

myPOS Virtual Terminal lets you take card payments online, on the phone or by email no matter where your clients are located. All payments are completed online through a secure page that can be found in the user’s online merchant account. Virtual Terminal is the perfect solution for businesses that often accept card-not-present transactions like hotels and car rentals.


myPOS PayButton is a simple and effective way to accept online payments by clicking on a payment button. PayButton is especially useful for websites with a single item purchase option – it generates a button with a pre-defined amount of money behind it and lets clients pay with a single click.


myPOS PayLink is a very useful online payment option that lets sellers create a web link for making a secure payment. They can then send it to clients across the world along with their invoice and wait for their payment to arrive quickly and easily.


myPOS Checkout is an online payment system, which offers a number of easy-to-use and secure shopping carts. They can be quickly and effortlessly integrated in your online store for increased sales results. From Magento through OpenCart and WooCommerce to PrestaShop and others, the choice is simply yours!

Payment Request

myPOS Payment Request is a very ingenious and useful online payment functionality that lets you accept payments from your clients with ease no matter where they are. Payment Request generates payment links that you can send via email, SMS or a chat app to your customers. They can then complete the payment process on a secure checkout webpage while you are tracking the entire process.

Payment Gateway

myPOS Payment Gateway for small business is a convenient tool that receives all payments in any web or mobile environment. It allows its users to accept payments online or via a mobile device and works as an online version of a credit card machine. It also keeps track of all transactions and shows real-time reports for added convenience.

With a complete set of online payment services by myPOS you will be able to accept any card payments online no matter where they come from. All it takes to start accepting more online card payments easier is to decide which tools among the six fit your business needs best. And, make sure to check our online payments acceptance web page. If you need more information on our services or simply get in touch with us now.

Accepting online payments is easy – simply start with myPOS!

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