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In-app Payments – Fast, Easy and Secure with myPOS Mobile Checkout

Technology has evolved rapidly in the past ten years, and with it so have the demands of consumers. Back in 2009, electronic payments for goods and services were relatively limited, for many of us reserved almost exclusively to cards through pin & chip. While both online and contactless payments were available in a limited capacity, they were hardly commonplace, and most people either didn’t trust them or simply didn’t have the technical means to perform them (ex. a sufficiently fast Internet connection, or a card that supports contactless payments). And paying through your phone? Well, no one even dared dream about that!

Fast forward to today, when paying without cash or even a card on hand isn’t just a vision of the future – it’s our daily life. Contactless payments are so common that we often raise an eyebrow when a store clerk chooses to push the card into the reader and ask for a PIN. Paying for products and services online is so fast and convenient that most of us wonder how we ever lived without it. What about mobile payments, though? Well, in-app revenues are forecast to gross $189 billion next year, and show no signs of stopping.

The Shift to Mobile Payments

It goes without saying that myPOS has been keeping up with every payment demand of the market – that has been the company’s goal since its inception, after all. Card payments are myPOS’ bread and butter, but beyond that, the company has grown to offer a whole slew of online options that don’t even require a POS terminal at all. PayLink, PayButton, Payment Request and shopping cart integrations are just a few of the many choices myPOS merchants have for enhancing their online stores.

Given their importance to the modern consumer, mobile payments have also been a priority for the company. The myPOS Mobile Checkout functions very similarly to myPOS’ other e-payment solutions. Once integrated, it allows a client to input their card information into a secure form, and then instantly pay for whatever goods or services the merchant offers – except it’s all done natively, in the environment of the mobile app. Features such as a high security level also carry over from the myPOS web-based checkouts, with none of the client’s payment information being shown to the merchant, instead remaining within the secure myPOS environment. And, naturally, all payments done through mobile checkout go into the same myPOS account connected to the merchant’s POS terminals or online store, ensuring that the merchant can keep track of and access their funds whenever they’re needed.

Let Your Customers Pay Where They Are – On Their Smartphones

In addition, there’s extra benefits exclusive to the Mobile Checkout. Merchants can integrate the solution directly into their apps, thus minimizing the number of redirects the end user needs to go through before paying. Who doesn’t want a quick and convenient payment experience, right? Thanks to tokenization, clients can optionally save their card information into myPOS, where it remains encrypted, yet easily brought up at a tap. Again, merchants and anyone else associated with the app can’t see the card details even if they’re saved.

Our modern world is always on the go, and, by the looks of things, it’s about to get a whole lot more hectic. As such, providing a safe, reliable and convenient mobile app is the key to any successful business, and a safe, reliable and convenient checkout method is, in turn, the key to a successful app. Just like everything else, myPOS Mobile Checkout is completely free to integrate for any myPOS merchants, with no annual or monthly fees or contracts.

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