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INSIGHT Professional Cyprus: How a beauty company can overcome challenging times with the right payment solution

Sometimes, having award-winning products and a big portfolio is not enough for company growth. Even when you are a known company that supplies spas and hair salons, new challenges arise. The beauty company INSIGHT Professional Cyprus is an example of how a business can bring new fintech tools to the table to attract more customers and grow despite changing times.

INSIGHT Professional Cyprus has a passion for natural products. The beneficial properties of natural extracts have been known for years. Not only do they make you feel at one with nature, but in fact, their benefits for the body are countless. This is exactly what makes the products of the Cypriot company so appealing.

Containing 95% natural extracts and relying on modern technology to make use of those ingredients, the company’s specialised hair and skin products have won the trust of many professional beauty salons around Cyprus.

However, the difficulties brought about by the pandemic have made the brand look for alternative methods to continue supplying industry professionals with their products. Luckily, they found a solution to this in the face of myPOS.

Read on to learn the inspiring story of INSIGHT Professional Cyprus and see how the right payment solution can help a business on its journey to growth.

When the ancient wisdom of natural extracts meets advanced technology

Inspired by nature and with a great passion for hair care, INSIGHT Professional Cyprus has made its mission to create specialised products that balance the beneficial qualities of organic ingredients and the effectiveness of advanced processing methods. This makes all their products vegan, as well as free of allergens, parabens and colourants.

Designed to offer maximum hair nourishment, the formula for each product is created after a careful selection of ingredients of natural origin. The company offers a wide range of products made to meet the needs of every hair type. But in addition to specialised hair products, it also offers skincare.

The meticulous work of INSIGHT Professional Cyprus to produce high-quality products has made 2022 quite a successful year for them. First, the brand won the Hair Magazine Awards 2022 in two categories: Best Serum with INSIGHT Liquid Crystals and Best Shampoo and Conditioner with INSIGHT Anti-frizz. Soon after that, the company took part in one of the most important beauty trade shows in the world – Cosmoprof 2022, where it had the chance to present its rich assortment of products.

insight retail store using myPOS to accept payments

The new challenge that came before the brand

With the Covid-19 pandemic inducing a series of lockdowns and restrictions on in-person contact, many companies found themselves on the verge of survival. Small and medium businesses were the ones hit the hardest, and to handle the difficulties, it was essential to find new flexible ways to continue conducting their business.

INSIGHT Professional Cyprus was one of the businesses that managed to adapt quickly to the new challenge. While prior to the pandemic, they used cash on delivery as the only payment method when supplying professional hair salons and spa centres, the covid measurements limiting physical contact made it difficult to continue operating the same way. The small company had to think of an alternative-to-cash method to accept payments and sell its products.

Finding the perfect payment acceptance tools

Having decided they needed a payment acceptance tool, the team of INSIGHT Professional Cyprus sought out a solution that would fully meet their unique needs. And like every small business, they needed services that would guarantee them convenience and flexibility in the most cost-effective way possible.

Christos Georgiades, the director and owner of INSIGHT Professional Cyprus, shared that before making a decision, they conducted thorough research. Once they reviewed the conditions of various payment service providers, they concluded that nothing seemed as appealing to them as myPOS.

“After analysing the whole concept of myPOS, we realised that we had found our match – it included everything we wanted for the present and the future,” said Christos.


Utilising payment solutions to promote business growth

Having used myPOS for over a year, INSIGHT Professional Cyprus has seen noticeable improvements. To start accepting card payments upon delivery, the company has equipped itself with not one but two myPOS Go devices. They are also using the myPOS Glass app on all their mobile devices, which is an innovative software that turns any Android smartphone into a POS terminal. This allows the brand to accept card payments at any instance, wherever their business takes them.

Now, the customers of INSIGHT Professional Cyprus enjoy flexibility in how they can pay. At the same time, the company can see the money from each sale instantly transferred into their myPOS account without paying extra for this functionality.

“We have tested all myPOS applications and everything is superb. Recently we have also activated our myPOS Online shop, which is very nice, easy to use, and has the most favourable terms on the market.”

With the help of myPOS Online, a website builder platform, Christos Georgiades has grown his business and can now reach more clients around Cyprus. This includes both individual customers, as well as professional beauty salons.

The platform can essentially help any business owner create their online shop easily without the need for special coding skills. This way, any business can unleash its full e-commerce potential and start selling remotely hassle-free.

The success story of Christos and his business shows that with enough dedication and the help of the right merchant services, no challenge can stop you from growing your business.

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