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The inspiring craft journey of a Madeiran couple creating handmade jewelry

Meet  Guarete Figueira, a strong businesswoman and talented artisan who kept her business going through many economic challenges such as the pandemic. Additinally, her small family business, called Guarete Figueira – Arts and Crafts, can teach others how to succeed.

Guarete and her husband, Rosendo Figueira, make handmade jewelry using polymer clay, inspired by Madeiran folklore. They put their hearts and souls into crafting beautiful jewelry for their customers, working from their home workshop. They select quality accessories source materials inspired by local folklore, manage inventory, and handle finances. 

Together, the couple pours boundless creativity, affection, and dedication into every item. Each piece of jewelry is custom-made, starting from the moment the clay becomes flexible in the artisan’s hands.

Once the items are ready, the team moves on to the distribution. For almost 10 years, Guarte and Rosendo have been selling their pieces at fairs, and tourists frequently visit their stand. Guarete has gained recognition and appreciation among the fair visitors because the customers get from her not only a unique piece of handmade jewelry but also a piece of Madeiran culture.

“It makes me proud! Especially when I make pieces alluding to the folklore of the region and its traditions,” explained Guarete. 

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Transforming Clients into Loyal Customers 

The team shares that it always looks for a deeper connection with its clients and a better understanding of their needs.

It even made the effort to learn a bit of the language spoken by the diverse clientele.

“Many of them are foreigners and aren’t familiar with Portuguese. Luckily, my husband knows several languages, which is a big help. However, we’re constantly striving to master new key phrases in the primary languages spoken by tourists,” Guarete shares.

For the business owner, one of the essential skills to succeed is clear communication, especially when dealing firsthand with tourists from all over the world.

Mastering the Art of Self-Employment

For Guarete, having autonomy is a key priority. She and her husband take pride in relying on themselves. With over a decade in the industry, they have perfected the art of nurturing a dedicated customer base.

Their success, they say, lies in sharp organization. 

“Running my own small business requires a detailed work plan. Weekly, my husband compiles a list, identifying the pieces we have and those we lack. We start our week by making those missing pieces or exploring innovative designs. We put in a solid 8 hours every day, and if needed, even more! Contrary to the idea that having your own business means less work, it’s a lot more work, but that’s what it takes to move forward and succeed!“. 

For every beginner who wants to follow in their footsteps, especially in the field of handicrafts, Guarete has additional advice:

“I would say that, in handicrafts, you need a lot of love and dedication to create a beautiful piece. It will convey all of this when it’s finished. Customers who value handicrafts will see that when they look at it. It’s often necessary to work more hours to have a reasonable stock to offer t customers a variety. You must, however, take care of your clients’ needs as well. For example, most people nowadays don’t use cash, so you may need a payment terminal to meet their payment preferences.”

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Using Social Media to Promote Handcrafted Goods

Guarete and her husband try to stay on top of new trends and they started embracing social media for marketing purposes. 

Guarete manages two social channels, consistently sharing a variety of content. From showcasing footage of their fairs on Instagram to unveiling newly crafted pieces and announcing the locations of future fairs where people can meet her and buy her jewelry, she maintains an engaging online presence. The mixture of various content formats as videos, photos and carousels also helps her increase the reach of her business. 

It’s worth mentioning that Guarete Figueira who is part of a different generation – one that grew up without cell phones and Facebook – is great at trying new things and adopting digital marketing. This is vital for business growth, she confirms. 

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Powering Up through Modern Payment Solutions 

So, Guarete and Rosendo have perfected their craft and stayed connected with clients and potential buyers through the power of online presence. Yet, they also considered another important aspect—the way their clients pay.

When they started their family business, card payments weren’t as common. But as time went on, more clients demanded to pay with a card. Without hesitation, Guarete and Rosendo introduced card machines. Little did they know, this not only made customers happier but also boosted sales.

“Ever since I got the myPOS Carbon and Go 2 terminals sales have gone up. Customers like the convenience of card payments and end up buying more” shared the business owner.

Currently, Guarete Figueira – Arts and Crafts relies on the myPOS Go 2 and enjoys its compact size and easy-to-use interface. The standout benefit to the couple lies in the device’s mobility and reasonable fees.

Guarete added: “For us, it’s crucial to have a payment terminal we can take to fairs. The fact that it doesn’t need extra cables or Wi-Fi makes it the ideal payment device for our type of business, in my opinion. As soon as my colleagues saw how helpful myPOS terminals are, they equipped their stands with the same devices.” 

Guarete Figueira – Arts and Crafts may be a small family business but their ambition is grand: to ensure every customer leaves their stand with a smile. They stand as inspiring examples and role models for anyone who wants to turn their talent into a livelihood.

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