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International Youth Day and how myPOS supports young business owners

They say that age is just a number but in business, age can mean a lot of things. In the context of International Youth Day, which is celebrated on the 12th of August each year, youth in terms of entrepreneurship can refer to age or experience, irrespective of how old the merchant is.

At myPOS, we’re thrilled to be able to serve both these types of entrepreneurs – the young and those who are young at heart and with a vision! So, how do we do that? Here are some of the ways we do so.

1. Versatile POS devices

Payments acceptance is a critical part of doing business. And with an ever-growing number of customers looking to pay in a cashless way, it’s vital to equip your business with a POS device.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to mean a huge financial investment, as we offer paper-free and eco-friendly POS devices going from as little as 29 EUR in the form of a portable card reader.

It is small, compact, lightweight and sturdy, and packs a real punch when it comes to accepting payments. What’s more, is that it comes with a free Data SIM card for Internet connectivity; accepts contactless, Chip&PIN, and magstripe payments; it has a powerful battery; a colourful LCD display; and a durable keypad.  

2. Online payment solutions

Looking for online payment solutions? No problem! You can now send personalised payment links (PayLinks or Payment Requests) via SMS, email or chat app to your customers to accept distant payments, no matter where your customer may be located. Run a hotel or accommodation business?

Then the myPOS MO/TO Virtual Terminal is your best solution – whether by phone, on your computer or in-person, you’ll always be able to accept card payments with our МO/ТO Virtual Terminal. Your customers can simply call with their credit or debit card details and pay you. The process requires no complex integrations, additional software, or hardware.

3. myPOS Glass

An innovation in the payments space, you can now also accept payments on your Android smartphone with myPOS Glass.

This softPOS technology is a simple app that you need to download from the Google Play Store, which allows you to accept contactless prepaid, debit, and credit card payments straight on your phone. It’s completely secure as no cardholder data is stored on your phone, and the solution has been tested in Visa and Mastercard laboratories.

It comes in two affordable pricing plans: Starter and Pro, to help suit your business requirements best. It’s ideal for small and micro merchants on the go, who can now accept payments anywhere and at any time, with the added bonus that it reduces investment costs and lowers barriers to entry for these types of merchants. 

4. Something big is coming soon!

According to, global POS payment methods will change dramatically between 2018-2022. Meanwhile, states that the global digital payment market is expected to reach $236.10 billion by 2028.

There’s definitely a change in the payments space that we’re currently witnessing and we are excited to be bringing you a new and exciting service very soon. Watch this space!

Final thoughts

Helping serve young entrepreneurs and those who are young at heart, we pride ourselves in our ability to cater to our merchants’ needs. Whether you choose a versatile POS device for your business or the myPOS Glass app to accept payments on your Android smartphone, you’re in safe hands with payment acceptance and myPOS.

And the best part?

As a myPOS merchant, you will always be able to enjoy our instant settlement of funds offering, which is accompanied by a free Visa business card and a free merchant account with IBAN to ease liquidity challenges and offer you a smooth journey towards payment acceptance, helping your business grow.

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