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Introducing Cash register mode in myPOS Glass

Most business owners have a smartphone in their pockets to take calls, but few know that this phone can quickly turn into an all-in-one business solution. With myPOS Glass and the revamped Cash register mode, this is now possible! 

All the benefits and more

We revamped our Cash register app and turned it into a Cash register regime for the myPOS Glass app. This now means that apart from accepting payments on your phone, you can also: 

  • Bring your portfolio of products straight to your customers and show your products directly from your phone
  • Select all the products your customers want to buy and complete the checkout again from your phone
  • Accept split, cash or card payments – whichever way your customers want to pay
  • Keep track of all sales, even those paid in cash
  • Maintain and manage product lists and inventories effortlessly

What else can you do?

But that’s not all! With a few taps on your screen, you’ll also be able to sync and add products, enter custom amounts, choose multi-operator mode, add reference numbers, apply custom or predetermined discounts, offer refunds, get detailed analytics and reports and send digital receipts.

How can you take advantage of it?

Once you have the myPOS Glass application up and running, go to the “More”/ADD-ONS menu and activate “Cash Register mode”. It’s that simple! 

Final thoughts

If you thought your phone could only be used for the odd task here and there, now you know that your smartphone can be your trusted and reliable partner in business. With new functionalities constantly being added to the myPOS Glass app, you can rest assured that we at myPOS are always working to help your business grow.

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