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Introducing the myPOS Hub and Hub+ countertop card payment devices

At myPOS, we have ambitious plans for 2020 and in line with this we are very proud to announce the launch of a new series of revolutionary countertop devices in our portfolio – the innovative Android-based myPOS Hub and Hub+.

Thanks to the potential of these powerful and versatile POS systems, we believe that merchants will have an even wider range of reasons to choose myPOS as a long-term payment partner.

A modern payment solution

If you’re looking for a modern payment solution, then opting for the latest additions to the myPOS Smart countertop devices – the Hub and Hub+ – is your best bet for helping you stay ahead of the competition, running your business smoother and making more sales.

A cash register, payment terminal and printer all in one, you’ll find that payments acceptance has never been easier.

myPOS Hub

A wide range of features

The brand new and ready-to-use Hub and Hub+ devices come superbly outfitted with large sensor displays. In fact, the Hub’s sensor display is 8 inches, while the Hub+ has a 15.6-inch sensor display with full HD.

Merchants will really enjoy the modern design, but in addition to this, the devices’ excellent reliability. Whether you develop your own apps to suit your specific brand and business, you can take advantage of a host of apps from our AppMarket, including the built-in Cash Register app which will allow you to take payments smoothly.

Both devices can be connected to the Internet via a 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, LAN/WAN or Bluetooth. The Hub+ device can serve as a standalone wireless router as well.

How the Hub and Hub+ can help your business grow

The myPOS Hub and Hub+ devices can help you keep track of sales, allow you instant access to your payments in your free IBAN which you can access with your free business card.

You can also sell more and reduce your operating costs. In addition, you can enjoy the option of installing apps from third-party developers and these are ultimately powerful tools to streamline business operations and management.

myPOS Hub +

Countertop devices suitable for any industry

The Hub and Hub+ countertop card payment devices are best suitable for use on counters in pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores and more! Give your business all the tools it needs to take payments to the next level.

The myPOS Hub+ packs an additional 8-inch display, designed for improved customer retention, cross-selling, promotional and marketing activities. The customer-facing screen is managed via the myPOS Secondary Display app available in the AppMarket.

Choose your Smart Hub or Hub+ device today for seamless business operations! Payments just got a whole lot easier and more convenient!

Choose the Hub and Hub+ for your business!

The Hub and Hub+ countertop devices are the latest offering in our portfolio of Smart card payment terminals. Whether you own a pub or restaurant, beauty salon or retail store, incorporating these devices in your business mix will be the best decision you ever made!

The built-in cash register app will allow you to create and edit your items catalogue, track sales and stock, and monitor payments, amongst many other functions.

Choose the myPOS Hub or Hub+ device in order to help your business grow!

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