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Launching the brand new myPOS Cash register app and “Sales” menu

We at myPOS have a vision: we’re always looking for ways to simplify the process of doing business for our merchants by creating a brand new, cloud based cash register app which lets merchants simplify all their inventory management from a single myPOS account.

To compliment the new Cash Register app, we’re very excited to share the development of a new “Sales” menu in your myPOS account! The new menu will accommodate sales from all channels by product and give even richer detail for each sale.

What does the new change mean?

Through the new “Sales” menu, you will be able to track and analyse each sale and item, the channel through which each sale was made as well as view statistical indicators for all sales. 

Each new sale will generate a unique Sale number, which will be associated with the payments related to that sale, the items in it, and with an order which generates a sale.

The new Sales menu will offer quick filters related to the main sales channels used by you including:

  •  myPOS Cash register
  • Online store – sales from online payments to your online stores
  •  PayButtons & PayLinks – payments coming from the links and buttons you’ve generated
  •  Online catalog and Digital menu – these functionalities are coming soon!

And if you aren’t sure what myPOS Cash register is all about, keep reading below!

What is myPOS Cash register?

We’re proud to introduce you to the reimagined and revamped Cash Register app specifically designed for smart payment terminals! 

We’ve not only changed the current app functionalities but added cool new features, too! 

So, how does myPOS Cash register work? 

Using the functionality in the account, you will be able to centralise the sales and management of all your items with your smart myPOS device.

The myPOS Cash register will enable you to: 

  • Avail of cloud-based inventory management (import products, manage product categories, set quantities and define product images)
  • Apply various discounts (group, custom, etc.)
  • Accept and administer different payment options (card payments, cash payments, split payments, etc.)
  • Issue receipts for card, cash and split payments (both print and digital)

A unique reference for each sale will be created and this will be reflected in the Sales account menu in real time.

Closing remarks

We hope you find these exciting changes beneficial for your business! 

At myPOS, we’re always seeking to help our merchants grow their business, reach more clients and make more sales.

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