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Make tourists happier and earn more money with myPOS

With the summer season in full swing, millions of people engage in touristic activities such as going to a sea resort or high up in the mountains to enjoy nature. No matter where they go, their ultimate goal is to relax and have fun – and this means a vacation FREE of problems of any kind.

Why create them then?

As a bar owner either by the sea or up in a mountain, it is your mission to create a place where visitors can enjoy delicious food, fine drinks and excellent service. The most crucial moment, however, is when customers want to pay. This process should put a positive end to a nice experience but when there’s an obstacle, it may ruin the fine impression you’ve made. For instance, what would you do if your guests request a card payment and you don’t have a card payment device?

The importance of card payments

You may have not realised it yet but in recent years card payments across the world have undergone tremendous growth, so don’t be surprised when a guest wants to pay with a card. The reasons are quite practical and they come in the form of benefits that go both ways.

Clients benefit from card payments in a number of ways with some of them being:

  • Not having to carry as much cash;
  • Not having to deal with a lot of change;
  • Lower risk of getting robbed or losing their cash;
  • Not being limited to the cash money they carry;
  • Excellent protection in case a payment card is lost;
  • Plastic payment cards cannot go wet unlike paper money;
  • And many more!

For business owners they may be:

  • More sales since customers are not limited to the cash they carry;
  • Less cash in the cash drawer;
  • Lower risk of losses in case of theft or robbery;
  • Lower risk of getting fake paper money;
  • Lower risk of miscounting cash money;
  • Better spent time at the counter;

Obviously paying by card comes with a ton of positive features  for tourists who, remember, simply want to have fun while on vacation. Can you really blame them?

Of course, to enjoy all these positives you will need to buy a card payment device. But how to choose the right one for you? Here are a few hints.

How to get a Point-of-Sale device

One thing to look for in a payment device, besides a fair price, is size and mobility. Being a bar owner, it is quite convenient to be able to move the card reader across the premise for the convenience of your customers.

Next thing is a cost-free business payment account and immediate access to your cash, a debit card to use your money too.

Any additional functions to boost the revenue are also welcome coupled with no unnecessary fees and excellent support.

But where would you find such an offer?

Meet myPOS

We guarantee it won’t be difficult to find just the POS device you need among the  great range of mobile payment devices – just open our website at and pick the one that suits your needs best. Don’t worry, no matter which model you choose, they all come with some of the most innovative features in the market – Tipping, Multi-Operator mode, Payment Request, Mobile Top-up, Personalised GiftCards and many more. And in case you cannot pick one up or have questions, email us at and we will quickly assist you.

Just like everything else, business trends also change and to succeed in what you do you must keep up with the times. More often than not this means having a POS terminal to meet the ever-growing demand for card payments. So, don’t let the summer slip out and with it all the profits you could have made – meet your tourists with class now and with a payment terminal by myPOS!

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