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MallBox RT app and myPOS bring merchants even more benefits

The MallBox RT app was born almost a year ago to fulfill a very important need on the Italian market for a wide range of merchants by offering added value to telematic cash registers. 

MallBox RT is a telematic cash register for smartphones and tablets, PCs, and card payment machines. The system offers both simple and advanced functions. With a versatile interface, MallBox RT transforms mobile devices and turns them into cash registers.

Some of its main attractive features include multi-operator mode, keyboard/ products modality, possibility to use different payment methods, sales synchronization/ catalog, fiscal notifications, lottery tickets, electronic invoicing, and more.

The MallBox RT cash register, connected to a telematic printer, guarantees merchants the ability to issue electronic receipts and communicates with the national revenue agency in a simple and intuitive way. Discounts, returns, and complicated operations to be carried out on a normal printer can now be managed in a few taps. It also enables the configuration of personalized information and reports.

For businesses, it is one of the most economical and innovative solutions to start a cash point at their premises. It works on use as you spend model. And the best part? MallBox RT has been certified and is now available in the myPOS AppMarket. This means that when the app is used, you can sync it with any myPOS smart device, including the myPOS Smart, Smart N5, Carbon, and Slim devices. 

So, how does it work? 

The merchant will enter the payment amount and once they do this, the myPOS payment module is called. The customer completes the transaction with his card. Once complete, the connected fiscal cash register (connected either by cable or Bluetooth) prints the receipt.

Simone Dicursi from MallBox RT says “With this solution, we want to restore digitalisation to those markets and new realities with the advent of telematics in Italy with an innovative solution. Thanks to the certification with myPOS and the integration of the amount of exchange with our telematic cash registers, we are certainly giving more value to this project.

The solution is suitable for all types of commercial activity and industries with a sufficiently high volume that requires external hardware – from freelance professionals to those in the food and beverage industry and so much more!

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