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Mastercard and myPOS – the launch of a brand-new sonic experience

myPOS and Mastercard are excited to be partnering in a brand-new initiative with the new Mastercard sonic branding!

This fresh endeavour means that customers who make a payment on a myPOS card payment terminal with a Mastercard or Maestro card will hear the new Mastercard jingle and see a Mastercard-related visual.

A unique payment experience for Mastercard and Maestro users

Selected myPOS devices now support this audio branding option, which offers a unique payment experience to users who will be exposed to the latest Mastercard branding and will receive a memorable confirmation that their payment has been accepted.

myPOS devices which support this functionality

This functionality is currently supported by myPOS Smart and Smart N5 card payment terminals.

How to enable this functionality

If you’re a merchant who would like to take advantage of this new feature, all you have to do is update your device’s software to the latest version available.

Once you’ve done this, your device will be able and ready to display the visual and will create the memorable Mastercard jingle.

Note that you can also choose to disable the sound and animation from the device’s settings in the myPOS account at any time.

More valuable customer experiences

Digital payments provide not just quick, easy and safe transactions, but ever more valuable customer experiences.

User experiences are vital as we are increasingly looking at the ways brands make us feel.

With the sonic branding element, buyers will enjoy a better payment experience and have more positive associations with your business, enabling them to build stronger memories and solidifying the brand in their ultimate consumer journey.

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