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Memories matter most, say Smiletronic and myPOS

Photos have the incredible ability to convey emotions, take us to far-away places and introduce us to generations long gone. They tell stories and preserve moments in a magical way.

In Vienna this magic is often made possible by Smiletronic, a family business that, for more than 15 years, has been creating and renting photo solutions for various occasions – from music fests to  corporate events.

You need a custom-made photo booth that can be moved from spot to spot at your party? No problem! Want remote control through QR code scan – Done!

Smiletronic caters to every client and every unusual request. What’s more, it creates all software and hardware by itself, in-house, so all your ideas can come to life. Its mission is to provide quality and functionalities beyond the market standard.

Plus, with Smiletronic’s integrated cash register system, any business can have a complete souvenir photo solution. Even the Wiener Riesenrad! That’s right – one of Vienna’s most popular tourist attractions, the giant Ferris wheel built in 1897, allows you to preserve the memory of your ride, thanks to Smiletronic and myPOS.

How the unique photo booth business began

At Smiletronic’s beginning was the desire to create a photo box for a friend’s party. Today, though, the company aims a bit higher. It has branches in Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main, and its goal is not only to bring smiles as an event partner, but also to improve the services of photo booth operators worldwide by providing custom-made software.

Today, Smiletronic boasts more than 1000 happy customers per year and photo booths in top locations across Austria and other European countries. Among its partners are names like Bank of Austria, the Municpality of Vienna and many museums and restaurants. Smiletronic often assists businesses in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors and is known for being a trusted partner in interactive marketing campaigns, working with companies like Purina and providing integrated solutions to various tourist attractions.

Additionally, Smiletronic can be found at iconic events such as the Rathausplatz Film Festival – a 30-year-old fest that each summer brings together thousands of people by offering appealing cultural attractions in the heart of Vienna. Just this year, Smiletronic has been an integral part of several Viennese festivals: Popfest, Donauinsel Fest, Parallel Vienna, Kaleidoskop Film, Kultursommer Fest and, of course, the world-famous Christmas market by Vienna’s beautiful town hall.

What keeps Smilletronic going

“What drives us beyond our love for photography is discovering interesting projects and taking part in new events,” explained Ovidiu Cojan, a Smiletronic business development partner. For his team, motivation comes in many forms such as the great feedback at a corporate party or the joy that comes from participating in Vienna’s many cultural events.

“Our photo booths with myPOS payment systems are constantly used in exciting projects in the city and its surroundings,” Cojan added.

How myPOS helps

According to Smiletronic, myPOS’ main benefits are very easy integration, low to no maintenance and no monthly cost. The company admits that it turned to myPOS after experiencing some issues with another payment solution.

Currently, Smiletronic is using myPOS Mini and myPOS Integra for its photo booths because they offer seamless experience to the end users. “No problems for us means great experience for them,” explained the Smiletronic team.

Perfect pictures for the future

The Smiletronic-myPOS partnership is celebrating its first year and hopefully, there will be many more to come. And, as with any celebration, it’s important to take pictures. Because, at the end of the day, what matters the most is the memories we make.

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