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myPOS Glass – Accept payments on your mobile app

In 2021, more and more merchants are looking to harness the latest innovations to help their businesses grow.

And if you’re imagining a world where queues no longer exist due to the deployment of the latest payments technology, you’ve come to the right place.

At myPOS, we’re proud and excited to introduce you to the most recent addition to our family of value-added services to help you accept payments on the go – introducing the myPOS Glass app with a unique software development kit (SDK) for all your integration needs! 

Perfect for Android smartphones, by downloading the app and following the easy installation steps, you’ll be able to turn your phone into a powerful payment terminal that will allow you to accept card payments on a mobile phone seamlessly, all while enjoying instant settlement of funds and so much more!

myPOS Glass is the ultimate SoftPOS solution for taking payments on the go and the flexibility of our SDK means you can integrate with other apps to make doing business that much easier. 

Who is the SDK for?

Perfectly suited for a variety of businesses and SMEs, use the myPOS Glass app for everyday payment acceptance anywhere, anytime.

It’s ideal if you want to integrate payment services in your app and accept payments, make refunds and void transactions.

What this means is that the payment functionality can be integrated into existing apps for various types of businesses. The app integrated with myPOS Glass will be able to call the payment functionality using the myPOS Glass SDK.  

The SDK is ideal for companies with websites/mobile apps that need to implement a certain functionality that they do not yet have developed. 

Such companies – which also include software as a service (SaaS) companies – can easily integrate the myPOS Glass in their Android mobile apps and sell their products more easily. 

How does it work?

Just open the app you typically use for your business. 

This can include a menu, if you run a restaurant (bookings, menu, processing of orders, cash payments, card payments), accounting software for small businesses or even for transportation services. 

In the same way the myPOS Glass app can accept contactless payments (Mastercard and Visa), so will any other Android app (integrated with the myPOS Glass SDK) when installed on an Android NFC device along with myPOS Glass app.

With the SDK integration, open your app, choose the payment functionality and the myPOS Glass app will be called up, enabling you to accept payments

Is it safe?

With the myPOS Glass app, no sensitive card data is ever passed through or stored on the smartphone. 

All data is encrypted by the myPOS Glass app. 

The app has been fully certified to the highest industry standards including PCI, EMV I and II, Visa and Mastercard.

An all-encompassing payment solution

With constant innovation in mind, the myPOS Glass app is the next natural step in helping merchants across Europe accept seamless payments on the go. 

An all-encompassing solution that uses cutting-edge technology and incorporates simplicity, innovation and flexibility, try the myPOS Glass app SDK for your business today!

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