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myPOS launches a next-generation Android POS terminal

Our new Android POS device, Smart N5, was officially launched and we are thrilled to tell you more about it.

Meet myPOS Smart N5 – the latest addition to the Smart lineup, which is based on the Android operating system and comes equipped with nifty payment features and innovative business applications. The unique combination of payment processing services and business solutions in the form of apps extends the merchant experience and value beyond payments.

With its elegant design combined with a long-lasting battery and a dual camera, Smart N5 is a great choice for any business willing to step into the future of payments.

Apart from accepting all payment methods, with Smart N5 merchants can run various business operations. For instance, they can manage items and inventory, set prices and add product categories with the Cash register app. Or they can order personalised GiftCards, load them with a swipe through the terminal and then offer to clients, thus increasing sales and brand recognition.

And that’s not all!

Thanks to the AppMarket pre-loaded on Smart N5, merchants can download business apps of their choice and handle various aspects of the business. We work with developers from different parts of the world who are building business tools that will soon extend the selection of applications on the AppMarket.

Other features of the Smart N5 include tipping, digital and printed receipts, Payment Request, Top-up, analytics and reporting.

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