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myPOS, Mastercard, ANTRAL and CNTD starting a payment revolution in the taxi industry in Portugal

On 1 September 2017, during an official event in Lisbon myPOS, The National Association of Road Transport Carriers (ANTRAL), National Digital Taxi Center (CNTD) and Mastercard unveiled their exclusive partnership and marked the beginning of the revolution in the payment industry in Portugal.

About the project

The project with ANTRAL, which is the leading Taxi association in Portugal, has started off with equipping 200 taxi cars with our smart credit card machines. They will enable the taxi drivers to accept card and contactless payments in the most seamless and cost-effective way possible.

This shift to cashless payments will not only bring benefits to taxi drivers but will utterly transform the way how people pay.

Thousands of people will pay using their preferred payment method and never worry if they’ve left their wallet at home. What’s more, they will enjoy frictionless payment experience as never before and benefit from additional services like Top-up of prepaid mobile phones, for example.

On the other hand, thanks to the integration of myPOS online payment solutions, the clients will be able to make in-app payments through the ANTRAL’s mobile app which will give them ever greater convenience and freedom.

Highlights from the event

This project in collaboration with ANTRAL, CNTD and Mastercard marked an important milestone in the history of myPOS. We are delighted that through this partnership we have the opportunity to change the people’s lives for the better and pave the way to a cashless world for the entire Portuguese society.

We were honoured that the Minister of Environment Joao Pedro Matos Fernandes attended the official event and endorsed the project, welcoming the idea of adopting digital payment solutions to support sustainable development.

Commenting on the initiative, he said:

The intelligent digital payment solutions which empower new ways of paying for everyday services like taxi rides are necessary to support the sustainable development of the society.

Among the other special guests at the event was the Manager of Mastercard for Portugal, Paolo Raposo, the President of ANTRAL, Florencio Placido de Almeida, Dr. Eduardo Peralta Feio who is the President of IMT and lots more.

The initiative has received extensive media coverage in the local and the national media in Portugal, helping to introduce the digital payment technologies to the society and drive faster adoption of cashless payments.

What’s next?

The project kick-off was a huge success but this is just the beginning, so keep an eye out for more exciting news!

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