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myPOS continues its expansion course and opens a new sales office in Vienna

Staying true to our practice of bringing our solutions closer to our customers, unlike most fintech companies, we are happy to announce the opening of our new sales office in Vienna, Austria.

Located at Karl-Popper-Straße 6, 1100 Vienna, in the Belvedere district, the office will serve as a focal point for local businesses that would like to embark on a new-age payment technology journey.

But why Vienna? There are a few reasons behind it:

The first one is to set foot in Central Europe and serve the German speaking markets such as Austria and neighbouring Germany. But also with the proximity of the Central European countries like Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Vienna seemed to be the ideal location for myPOS.

With myPOS flagship stores throughout Western Europe such as London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Antwerp, it was about time myPOS established its presence in the heart of Europe.

Secondly, to introduce payment innovations to a relatively conservative market and add value to local businesses. Despite cash still having a strong presence compared to other European markets, Austria is showing a steady growth in card payments as the most popular method among cashless transactions. We are currently seeing an increase in the demand for card acceptance solutions and speaking of micro businesses and SMEs, managing cash flow is something crucial to their survival and myPOS’ unique USP helps them do just that.

Last but not least, to grow our existing clientele in Austria and Germany. myPOS is already serving more than 100,000 clients in the EEA & Switzerland with close to 15% in the DACH region. With a dedicated sales office, we are aiming to double this number in the next year. And since some of the anticipated trends for Austria in 2020 include the rise of mobile wallets, card payments and open invoicing, it seems like the right timing to be there.

And so, while we continue to grow globally, we do not forget the importance of staying local and close to our customers’ mindsets and habits.

If you are an entrepreneur based in Austria, and more specifically in Vienna, we welcome you to our new sales office to discuss how we can help you grow your business with the multitude of solutions available with myPOS.

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