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myPOS participated in the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas

myPOS is very pleased to announce that from 27 to 30 October 2019, we participated in the Money 2020 conference held in Las Vegas both as a sponsor and as an exhibitor, a landmark move as this marked our presence in the US market for the very first time.

Money 2020 is the “doorway to the epicentre of the Payments, Banking, Fintech and Financial Services ecosystem.” It is also known as the “home of the Money Revolution” because it brings together captains of the industry, thinkers and leaders that deal with the way the world “uses, spends, borrows and moves money.”

This year, Money 2020’s focus was on the ultimate ‘Journey to the Future of Money’. In line with this, myPOS was excited to launch its latest product offering– the new desktop model, the myPOS Hub+.

Although myPOS’ focus has traditionally been on offering compact and portable devices for the catering, taxi and retail industry, the myPOS Hub+ is the next generation of devices designed to make receiving and making payments even easier for both merchants and customers.

Speaking about the myPOS Hub+, company founder said: “Until now we have been selling mobile, compact devices that can be used by the merchant on the counter or on the go.” However, the myPOS Hub+ moves the company’s service offering in a new direction as it is a counter-top payment device that combines a payment terminal, cash register and access to other business apps all in one.

“This type of device is sought after in the retail sector, as merchants can manage their inventory, cloud-based accounting, loyalty programs, etc,” added the founder. “A dedicated cash register and point of sale (POS) terminal and a printer in one, the myPOS Hub+ can be the perfect solution for hotels, restaurants and retail stores which want to take the customer experience to the next level.” The myPOS Hub+ runs on Android and has two touch screen options.

In addition to launching the myPOS Hub+ at Money 2020, our team introduced US businesses and attendees to myPOS as one of the fastest-growing payment providers in Europe. We also used our time at Money 2020 wisely. Namely, to establish some valuable contacts, become familiar with the latest payment technology trends in the US and create a fertile ground for future partnerships with US payment and technology companies. We are certain that this will help us cater to a wider range of merchants in the future, ultimately helping their businesses grow.

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