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myPOS Partners with Germany’s Largest Taxi Association

The UK-based fintech is becoming the preferred PSP of Germany’s taxi industry

myPOS is proud to announce it’s becoming the provider of card readers for Taxi-München eG, starting in January 2024. With more than 2650 connected vehicles and 5900 drivers, Taxi München eG operates the largest taxi association in Germany.

This partnership means that Taxi München eG drivers can take advantage of the smart device myPOS Prо, running on Android. The card reader is connected to the myPOS AppMarket where drivers can find their beloved Com4Cab app by GefoS. The app is a must for the cabs as it offers easy acceptance of client orders, combined with an intuitive user interface. It conveniently replaces the previous radio data devices.

“The possibility to run the Com4Cab app and to process payments at the same time eliminates the need for an additional smartphone in the cab,” explained Zoltan Gyenge, myPOS managing director for the D-A-CH region. The Com4Cab app is used not only by drivers in Munich, but also in many cities throughout the country – for example, Dresden, Braunschweig and Lingen.

“A lot has changed in the last few years, especially since the COVID crisis. It’s therefore important for the success of companies to respond to the trends in digital payments,” explained Ing. Jonathan Nemec, myPOS D-A-CH sales manager.

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Thomas Kroker, board member of Taxi-München eG added: “Taxis are the most mobile business in the world, so carrying as little hardware as possible in the cab is important. myPOS is modern, fast, inexpensive, user friendly and easy to integrate, which is why we are excited to vouch for it.”

According to him, myPOS stands apart from the competition thanks to its flexibility and lack of rigid procedures. Although he is on the board of the taxi cooperative, and also serves as a vice president of the German Taxi and Rental Car Association and a chairman of the Bavarian Taxi State Association, he still occasionally sits behind the taxi wheel, so he can stay close to the needs and challenges of drivers.

“I got my taxi license in 1990 and drove a taxi for 13 years – first in Trostberg, then in Munich. In 2000, I moved to Taxi München eG and worked in various positions: first as a radio operator, then as a shift manager, and later as head of the taxi headquarters. So, I fully grasp the needs of the business and know how important it is to be up to date with the trends and technologies. That’s why I am excited that, starting in January, all Taxi München eG members can benefit from an exclusive myPOS offer with a favorable purchase price and a discounted transaction fee.”

Taxi-München eG is known for its innovative approach. It’s the first in Germany to recently introduce taxi rides at a fixed price. This means that passengers booking through the app or the dedicated customer phone number will be able to preorder a cab at a flat rate, calculated by software. This makes it easier for the company to remain competitive and could become a pioneering model for the whole of Germany.

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