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myPOS partners with ZoneSoft to provide food & beverage businesses and those on the move with a cloud-based software

We’re excited to announce our partnership with ZoneSoft, a software developer from Portugal with years of experience creating apps for all kinds of platforms and markets. As a result, Smart terminals can now download two new apps, one aimed at the food and beverage sector, while the other – at businesses on the go.

ZoneSoft were established in 2005, and since then they’ve completed numerous contracts for various companies, gaining valuable experience in the process. Their expertise brings two valuable apps to owners of myPOS Smart and myPOS Smart N5 devices in the Portuguese market.

The first one is called ZS Mobile, and, as its name suggests, is aimed at businesses that move around a lot. While regular Smart terminals are already portable and capable of taking transactions anywhere, ZS Mobile adds many new features and improvements to the formula, such as non-disruptive billing (meaning that there won’t be any errors if the Internet connection is weak at the time of transaction). In addition, numerous features can be optionally activated, such as loyalty programs, turn-key solutions, georeferenced billing and more.

The other app, ZS Rest, is aimed specifically at food & beverage businesses, as it allows merchants to easily manage aspects such as take-away tracking, product visualization, royalty programs and more. The app features multiple different menus within it which cover all parts of a restaurant, such as accounting, kitchen and deliveries. It does a lot of the work that would typically be done by employees automatically, reducing the margin for human error while also conveniently allowing managers and employees alike to access their various features straight through the payment terminal. ZS can even help you manage, organize, clean and stock up your kitchen, ensuring that it’s the best possible option for any business in the sector.

Both apps, ZS Rest and ZS Mobile, can be used for a monthly subscription fee and can be download for free from the myPOS AppMarket, accessible directly through your myPOS Smart or myPOS Smart N5. In addition, ZoneSoft and myPOS will provide new merchants in Portugal with terminals that include the software by default.

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