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myPOS Partners with Happy, London’s Best Restaurant for 2022

To succeed, businesses need to be flexible and this involves keeping up with customer demands. For Happy London, the bar and grill recognized by the British Restaurant Awards, this means using modern POS technology that can manage everything from inventory to staff.

The family-friendly restaurant in Piccadilly Circus recently started using the latest myPOS devices. After looking for Android POS terminals that suit its complex needs, Happy London chose to work with the award-winning fintech.

“We are thrilled to work with Happy and are certain that the partnership will be mutually beneficial,” said Polina Toskova at myPOS. As a manager at the fintech company, and an expert with more than 16 years of payments experience, she has been helping to onboard the new partner. According to her, POS systems can help run an entire business – from managing staff and taking orders to accepting digital payments, reporting sales and counting inventory.

“It’s important to keep up with the best technology because customers increasingly expect to have a fast and convenient experience when visiting a restaurant. If you fail to deliver, next time they might consider another venue,” she added.

Happy London knows what it takes to please a customer. After all, the restaurant was crowned not only Best Restaurant in London, but also Best Hospitality Team. This prize was awarded after over a million members of the public voted in the coveted food-and-drink awards in 2022.

As a chain that has more than 25 locations across Europe, Happy is focused on streamlining operations – a top goal for any business. “Rapid change in the restaurant industry can be quite daunting for business owners because they need to pace up processes. A comprehensive point-of-sale system can make every process simpler, easier and faster. That’s why we chose an Android device, which can be used on many fronts,” said Stefan Ivanov, IT Project Manager at Happy.

Happy Restaurant is using the Android POS myPOS Pro

Ivanov explained that among the biggest advantages of a modern POS system is the ability to store big amounts of information, pull data, monitor performance, compile reports and integrate; and, thanks to all of these, ultimately automate the processes that could cause errors or delays in customer service.

“Today, navigating a touchscreen has become second nature to everyone. With an intuitive interface, the myPOS device is easy to handle, which makes it convenient for our employees. The results are shorter training time and bigger overall productivity. Additionally, thanks to the mobility of the POS terminals, our waiters and managers already save unnecessary steps, which reduces their workload and shortens the customers’ waiting time while they expect the bill.

By choosing myPOS, we were able to achieve the desired flexibility, which can be done only when the partner implementing the project accepts your problems as their own and assists you with all their resources to achieve the needed results. The work is easy and efficient when the process of implementing each innovative idea comes down to a friendly conversation,” Ivanov added.

myPOS offers payment solutions suitable for restaurants, taxis, hotels, and many other industries. While the fintech platform is ideal for small business owners, it’s trusted by major brands like Samsung and DHL Express and, of course, some of Europe’s best restaurants.

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