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myPOS reports high demand for its Metal business card in the last months

Metal cards have become a trend not just among consumers, but businesses too. Several payments providers, among which myPOS, have launched their own brand of metal cards, offering premium services and benefits.

Earlier this year, in July, we introduced our new Visa Platinum series including the Metal, Gold and Silver premium cards, becoming one of the first fintech providers to offer Visa metal business cards to European SMEs. 

Based on accumulated statistics since then, more than 50% of all premium cards ordered are Metal. Merchants choosing a yearly vs monthly plan are almost at a tie, indicating a slight preference for the monthly subscription. We are also happy to report a higher processing volume (over 50%) for the premium cards.

It is interesting to observe that despite the pandemic challenges and difficulties, business owners are still inclined to invest in premium products, which bring them certain benefits and make their operations easier. On the other hand, practical sense prevails when choosing to pay a smaller monthly amount regularly rather than a bulk yearly payment. Quite understandable, given the uncertain economic situation.

The new Visa Platinum cards are some of the new products and services we launched in 2020, among which is their latest innovation – the soft POS app called myPOS Glass – turning Android phones into payment terminals. Stay tuned for more news or contact us at

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