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myPOS Boosts Taxi Payment Acceptance via SoftPOS Technology in Partnership with FMS and Samsung

myPOS is happy to announce its partnership with FMS and Samsung to push the digitalization of taxi services via its SoftPOS solution myPOS Glass. FMS, a dominant force in the European taxi industry, has chosen to modernize its technology and payment capabilities by providing cab drivers with Samsung devices with a preinstalled myPOS Glass app.

The app allows merchants to take payments via cards, mobile wallets and wearables on their NFC-enabled mobile devices. As a result, FMS drivers can now accept contactless payments straight from their dispatch terminals.

“In the past, FMS drivers had to accept payments through separate hardware,” explained Zoltan Gyenge, myPOS Managing Director for DACH. “Thanks to Samsung and myPOS Glass, they can securely accept payments on the same device, which is already used for dispatch, navigation and communication. It’s a win-win: more efficient drivers and happier customers.”

FMS/Austrosoft has been operating since the 1980s. It has approximately 65,000 cars and 200,000 drivers in more than 150 cities in 11 countries. As a leader in the European taxi industry, it offers a variety of services including dispatch software, call-center technology and complete billing solutions, such as bookkeeping for drivers.

Driver KFS & Samsung

The challenge: Switching to payment-acceptance methods that address the preferences of drivers and passengers

In recent years, the taxi industry has been facing issues such as lack of mobile applications, inconvenient CRM systems, inappropriate payment methods and outdated manual processes. All of these stifled its development which is why some companies made changes.

FMS addressed two trends to stay competitive – using mobile devices on the job (a workforce preference) and paying without cash (a customer preference). Additionally, FMS turned to Samsung and myPOS to accomplish several goals:

  1. Implement in the workforce easy-to-carry devices that would allow drivers to connect with FMS when switching vehicles and will deliver maximum productivity.
  2. Introduce a business platform that keeps the mobile infrastructure connected and the data protected, even when working on mobile.
  3. Find a solution that can turn each device into a POS terminal safely while offering instant settlement, tipping features, multi-operator mode and many other value-added services that are important for the cab industry.

The solution: myPOS Glass turns Android devices into a POS terminals

myPOS is a company known for listening to the problems of business owners and offering innovative solutions. It was among the first to offer a software POS in 2020 and has since helped thousands of merchants in various industries implement the SoftPOS solution myPOS Glass to address the shifting preferences of consumers. That’s why the fintech company was selected to help digitalize the taxi leader FMS in partnership with Samsung.

As the FMS CEO Robert Abel said: “Card payments are already a part of the mobility services that taxi companies must offer; however, the future lies in integrated softPOS devices that run securely on the same terminal the driver is using. Thus, the partnership among FMS, Samsung and myPOS has been obvious – we combine innovative technology with the best from the dispatch world and the payment world. Our joint effort will optimize the everyday business for the taxi drivers and will strengthen the taxi industry.”

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