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New developments in January to make your myPOS account even better

The new decade is upon us and we tackled January head-on. With new features in your myPOS merchant account to help meet even more needs and to simplify doing business, we’re proud to introduce some of our latest developments that will help your business grow! Keep reading to find out what they are! 

Adding beneficiaries for outgoing bank transfers

When making outgoing bank transfers, you now have an easier procedure to follow. With our latest development that helps you create a Beneficiaries list, making payments is now easier than ever! You’ll be able to search for a beneficiary by name or IBAN, monitor payments made in real-time, in the currency of your choice, as well as have the option of choosing the status of the Beneficiary.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to make payments to your beneficiaries with reduced risk of making errors, all this within a centralised system that manages payment statuses, reports, a Beneficiaries list, provision of documents, and additional information.

New Statement for Average Annual Balance

You can now have access to your Average Annual Balance in your myPOS account. This feature is a regulatory requirement in some countries and we’re happy to make it available for all our clients. This is beneficial as merchants will have access to their Average Annual Balance for a given time period, at any time.

This new development means that you’ll save time and resources on requesting this type of information from us and you will no longer be required to contact the myPOS Customer Support to ask for such information.

The Annual Average Balance will contain information on your:

  • Opening balance
  • Maximum accumulated daily balance
  • Closing balance, and
  • Average annual balance.

You will now be able to track your accounts better and will facilitate a smoother process for reporting.

Make your businesses run more smoothly!

Take your business to the next level by adding new beneficiaries and by checking your Average Annual Balance in your myPOS account! We believe that with these two additional features, you’ll be able to do business more smoothly.

At myPOS, we always strive to offer the best payment solutions that will help your business grow. Whether you’re making regular and recurring payments or a once-off payment, adding a beneficiary to your account is now easier than ever, with a reduced risk of human error entering the equation. In addition, by accessing your Annual Average Balance, you’ll not only ensure you can track the progress made by your business more easily, but will also stay on top of regulatory requirements.

Login to your myPOS account and take advantage of these new functionalities today!

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