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Payment Request: Real merchants share why they use it

It’s not a secret that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of online shopping, there has been a growing demand for payment flexibility. To remain competitive in the market and increase customer loyalty, companies need to provide various online payment options. And while many think this process can be challenging for small and medium enterprises, a few business owners offer a different perspective.  But first – what is Payment Request?

Adopting online payments without affecting your budget

myPOS Payment Request is a unique feature that enables merchants to receive card payments from customers around the world. This feature provides a personalised link with a predetermined payment amount, which can be sent to anyone via email, chat apps or SMS. The funds are deposited instantly into the merchant’s e-money account without any hidden fees or monthly charges. Only a small transaction fee is applied to each received payment meaning you pay only when you get paid.

How does Payment Request work?

Since Payment Request is customisable, it requires some information, such as the name, email or mobile number of your customer, depending on how you plan to send the request – via email or SMS. 

Step 1: Enter the recipient’s mobile number or email and set the desired payment amount. Once completed, you can choose to include a reason for the request, such as an invoice number or the product/service name.

Step 2: We will generate a one-time link that you can send via email, chat app or SMS. After sending the payment request, your customer will receive a brief notification message about the nature of the request and the link, which they can follow to input their card details and complete the transaction. 

Step 3: Your customer clicks on the link and proceeds to make a payment on a secure checkout page. You don’t need to worry about processing or storing card details, as we will take care of that and ensure that no personal information is shared.  

Step 4: When the transaction is complete, the money will settle into your myPOS e-money account within seconds, granting you immediate access to your funds.

What are the benefits of Payment Request?

myPOS Payment Request offers a fast and hassle-free way to increase your sales and reach new markets. You don’t even need a website to benefit from this convenient service. Simply generate a personalised link and send it to your customer, who can then proceed with the payment process. You can also choose to receive in-person payments. Just enter the amount and create a QR code for customers to scan on their devices.

With Payment Request, you can streamline your payment procedures and enjoy a more efficient and profitable business.

Benefits of Payment Request

What do business owners say about Payment Request?

Let’s explore how this feature meets the specific requirements of business owners from different industries across Europe.


AEmilliusCaviar strives to provide the highest quality black caviar and develop a business without a physical store. The company strives to be close to every customer and recognises that e-commerce is a vital step in achieving that. Hence, the owners have decided to take advantage of Payment Request. Let’s see what benefits they experienced after implementing it into their operations:

“We at AEmilliusCaviar created our online group on the messaging app Viber to take advantage of the convenience of the Payment Request service and to increase the sales of black caviar among the 2600+ participants in this group,” shares the owner Emil Arabadzhiev. “The functionality is among the fastest ways to arrange a payment to a buyer. It’s a great relief for our clients because, in practice, we organise the transaction, and all they have to do is to confirm it.”

City Pads London

City Pads London specialises in providing accommodations. Its business model relies on remote bookings, where clients receive a passcode upon successful payment to access their chosen property. As face-to-face interactions between the landlord and clients are rare, facilitating online payment solutions has become essential for the business’s operation. 

“Offering a variety of payment options is crucial for our business as most customers are technologically-savvy and are looking for the most convenient ways to book and pay. myPOS gave us the opportunity to accept distant payments, without the burden of subscription fees and binding contracts. In addition, we got access to free online banking and lots of additional services.”

La Cave du Mac

La Cave du Mac focuses on repairing and selling mainly Apple products and peripheral equipment. To spare customers the inconvenience of multiple store visits upon receiving the parts for their device, the owner uses Payment Request. He says he appreciates the functionality: “The funds are available immediately, which, in my case, allows me to buy spare parts even before the customer leaves the shop.”

Overall, the evolving landscape of e-commerce necessitates digital payments. Payment Request emerges as an innovative solution that empowers businesses to receive global payments, through personalised links, fostering growth and efficiency without straining budgets.

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