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myPOS welcomes its distributors at Partners Summit event

Just last week myPOS once again welcomed its distributors from all over Europe at the company’s annual Partners Summit, this year under the title of “Growing Momentum” .

The internal corporate event once again underlined the importance partners have for the growing myPOS ecosystem. Not only they represent the brand to small and medium businesses locally, but also serve as contact points for myPOS merchants who need support or additional information.

Apart from networking sessions, marketing and sales discussion panels, where myPOS distributors could get help with their marketing plan and expansion on the local market, they also had the chance to listen to lectures from VISA and Mastercard guest speakers as well as to see our newest stores in Europe inside and out through video conference calls.

Partners were also active participants in the discussion panels and shared experience with one another.

The 2019 myPOS Partners Summit “Growing Momentum” was not only about business though – the participants were welcomed with a fun pirate ship battle across the Gulf of Varna and were also treated to a gala dinner event where the first ever myPOS Partner Awards ceremony was held.

The myPOS Partners Summit 2019 turned out a great success and we eagerly expect the next year’s edition!

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