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myPOS Payment Tag – your new fast capability to accept payments

You have plenty of customers ready to pay you online, yet you don’t find your current online payment acceptance methods convenient enough. Or you don’t have a website. We made myPOS Payment Tag for you.

Business nowadays faces a constant demand to grow and adapt for online accessibility. Even those already equipped with online payment acceptance are looking for ways to complete sales instantly. The faster and easier the payments – the happier the customers. To help you achieve it, myPOS proudly introduces this innovative online payment service: a secure, customizable webpage where your customers can pay in seconds with their preferred payment method.

We call myPOS Payment Tag an innovative solution because

  • It’s easy to set up
  • It’s unique and distinguishable
  • You don’t even need a website to receive online payments
  • You create it once and share it multiple times – via chat apps, email, social media, or as a QR code.

Just with a click, a page is loaded for your customers to pay you. myPOS Payment Tag is secure, fast, simple, and free.

Easy to create

As a verified myPOS merchant, you can go to your myPOS account and find the Payment Tag option in your menu. Click on the Reserve your tag button – it will lead you to the quick setup.

Here, you can get creative. Your only constraint is 3 to 30 symbols of length. Use the name of your business or your favourite movie quote – it’s all up to you. It can be in any European language. And it’s unique – a real-time check shows, whether the tag name you typed is available.

The currency for the tag payments, the settlement account – in case you have over one – and the language of the payment page your tag will generate, are all your decisions.

You can choose to fix the amount, and it will become part of your Payment Tag. Or you can allow each customer to fill this in, along with the reason for payment.

When you press Continue, your tag is created and you’re ready to share it. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email – plenty of sharing options are at your fingertips, including a downloadable QR code. Paste it and hit Send.

Fast and convenient

Beep – your customers receive it. Clicking on that takes them to a secure webpage. They’re free to choose their preferred method of payment – by card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, or even Bancontact and iDEAL. It’s a matter of seconds. Upon successful payment, you’ll instantly receive the payment, along with a push notification and a message in your myPOS account. And, if you allowed an employee to create a Payment Tag, you’ll both get notified.

Your myPOS account stores a report for all tags that you’ve sent. Your client’s name, the payment reason, the amount, the transaction status – it’s all there, in the clear layout that you’re used to. Refunds are also as easy to make.

You can customize the webpage, generated by the tag. Light or dark theme, the shape of the fields to be filled by your clients, the font colour, and the background of the Confirm button – it’s your page, so you’re the designer. Add your logo, if you like. One more good thing here – your client may change the default language you set to the payment page, to what works best for them.

You may want to disable your Payment Tag. There’s a slider in your myPOS account with which you can do it. Unless you decide to push the slider back and enable the tag, your customers will not be able to access it.

Best of it all – Payment Tag is free to use. Only the usual small fee is deducted from your account, when you make a sale.

You possess a single myPOS Payment Tag to share multiple times. So, pay attention to the detail when you’re creating it, as it will be presenting you a long time from now.

We, at myPOS, are constantly working to provide you with tools to help your business grow and equip you for our world of permanent change. Payment Tag is another innovative way to make and receive online payments. It’s quick, easy, and safe and we believe both you and your clients will cherish it.

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