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How myPOS can help your water sports business?

One of the best things summer brings is the opportunity to enjoy yourself at the seaside. You can swim, dive, surf, snorkel, kayaking and much, much more water sports to practice and enjoy. These water activities are so much fun people hardly want to miss them. Besides, summer is just once a year, so this hot and sunny time should not go to waste.

The problem with money

With millions of people willing to spend money on such fun activities, it is your responsibility as a water sports business owner to meet their needs and make a profit. The catch is that people are reluctant to carry paper money with them to the beach because there are too many problems with it – the money may get stolen, lost or misplaced, or even worse – taken to the sea by mistake where chances to see it again are very slim. Next to this, people have to be always watchful where they place their finances. Carrying money to the beach is always a tricky situation for most tourists and one they wish to avoid.

Payment cards are the solution

So how do tourists pay for water sports on the beach?

Here’s how – tourists are much more likely to take debit or credit cards to the seaside. The reasons are several – first, such cards have fraud protection features and even if they get lost, it is not that easy to make a purchase with one of them. Second, with a plastic card in hand, tourists can be sure they can cover all expenses they incur (even unexpected ones) without worrying whether they carry enough cash. The end result is stronger consumer spending and higher profits for businesses.

sea sport fun

Are you ready?

What should you do then? The answer is simple – to stay competitive, you must be able to process card payments at all times. Fortunately this is an easy task – just get one of our payment terminals. There are several models to choose from and they have all been designed to meet different business needs. This means that there’s a model for every company out there and it takes just little effort to find the one that fits your requirements. Furthermore they all come with a 1-year warranty and 30 days of money back guarantee plus a merchant account with IBAN that houses all your payments. In addition to that you get instant access to your money and free e-mail, chat and phone support.

Getting a myPOS payment terminal is easy

Serving tourists at the beach is not an impossible task. All it takes is to know what their needs are and to meet them accordingly. By utilizing a payment terminal from myPOS you will be able to process more payments, attract more guests, be more competitive and stay ahead of the competition. Best of all – there are no contracts or monthly fees and you can use your payment terminal only when you need it. Want to get one? Just stop by our web online shop. If you have questions or need help we will be more than happy to assist you – drop us a line at and we’ll be there for you!

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