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Protect your device with Extended warranty!

As a myPOS merchant, you know how important your device is for collecting payments and making sales. However, accidents happen and sometimes your device might experience some bumps along the way, thus getting damaged.

With the myPOS Extended warranty, you no longer have to worry about damages to your device, as you’ll be fully protected for the period of your choice.

Keep reading to find out more about it!

The essentials of the Extended warranty and its benefits for your business

myPOS merchants, when getting their card payment machine, currently have the option of one-year FREE warranty on their devices. However, since you’re likely to be using your device in the longer run, it’s a good idea to protect your device and opt for Extended warranty.

Extended warranty comes in addition to the one-year FREE warranty in the form of an extra one or two years protection for your device. If you experience technical difficulties, a faulty device or other issues, you can rely on the Extended warranty to keep you covered and let you continue running your business without any obstacles or hassles along the way.

The purchasing process

Purchasing Extended warranty for your device is simple. You can purchase it for your new device through the myPOS online shop or you can purchase it for an already-purchased device through your myPOS merchant account.

Although Extended warranty can now be purchased later on, we recommend that you take advantage of the service upon purchasing your myPOS device to enjoy lower prices.

Device coverage

The myPOS Extended warranty currently applies to all newly purchased myPOS card reading devices. However, the Extended warranty is not applicable to discontinued models, to devices which are older than 48 months (4 years) and used myPOS Go devices.

Purchasing the Extended warranty

You can purchase extended warranty for your device through the myPOS online shop upon checkout, or through your online myPOS merchant account.

For purchase through your myPOS account, all you need to do is take the following steps:

  1. Log into your myPOS account
  2. Go to Devices menu
  3. Select your device, navigate to Warranty end date and click “Renew”
  4. Select the time frame of the extended warranty – 1 or 2 years

Validity of Extended warranty

The validity of the Extended warranty kicks in from the time you make the full payment for the chosen length of time. Therefore, it’s an instantaneous solution to keeping your device protected over the long term. Don’t wait any longer! Get Extended warranty for your device today!

Why you should get Extended warranty for your device

Having Extended warranty on your myPOS devices ensures a longer lifespan of your POS terminal, allows you to run your business smoothly, and helps you plan ahead.

Guarantee that your business will be equipped with all it needs in the future and no potential problems can stand in its way. You also end up saving costs over the long run. Most of our customers prefer to add Extended warranty to their new device for their peace of mind. Shouldn’t you try it, too?

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