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How restaurants can leverage payment technologies to appeal to tech-savvy customers

Modern payment technologies are changing the consumers’ demands and expectations and reshaping the restaurant industry

What do restaurateurs need to bring to the table to cater to tech-savvy diners? Which technologies have become essential for the restaurant business?

Below we’ve summed up some of the most important things that restaurant owners should consider before, during and after they’ve made the decision to adopt innovative food and beverage industry payment solutions.

Contactless (tap & go) payments

“Tap and go” payments have been around for a while and people quickly get used to the convenience and the speed that they offer.

Restaurateurs should take advantage of this growing trend and make sure to choose a POS system capable of accepting not only chip and mag stripe cards but also contactless payments. Only this way will they appeal to diners who put speed first and love the convenience of mobile payments.

Website and in-app orders

After pay-at-the-table, online/mobile ordering is the next big thing and restaurant owners should not overlook the opportunity to take their business online and bring in more clients.

With the help of apps and websites, clients order, pay ahead of time and then just grab the meal or get it delivered to their door. This brings greater convenience for them, and at the same, eliminates the long lines and ensures faster service and superior customer experience. What better way to appeal to clients?

Educating staff and consumers

Usually, people need some time to get used to new technologies. To smooth the process and avoid confusion, the restaurateurs need to set up training sessions and educate the personnel. After the staff gets the needed training, they will feel more confident to spread the word among diners.

Tech-savvy clients want technologies that are helpful, convenient and innovative. The restaurants that respond to their demands, will attract more business and build true customer loyalty.

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