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Royal Flowers: Turning a newfound passion into a blooming success

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, where words often fall short, flowers stand as nature’s artistry, expressing emotions and bringing joy. Ten years ago, Veronica Ursu found her passion and a way to express herself through flowers. She decided she wanted to share this with others and in 2014 Royal flowers was born.

Explore the story of this passion project turned flourishing business, how it expands its offering, supports the local community and how digital payments have helped it grow. 

When love blooms at first job

Royal Flowers emerged from a chance encounter Veronica had with the world of flowers in 2013 when she met Ivan Bergh, an award-winning Italian florist, who showed her the basics of the craft. She immediately fell in love with floristry. After that, she decided to open her own flower shop and gathered a dedicated team who shared her passion. With no formal training, Veronica’s commitment to learning more and more every day became the driving force behind Royal Flowers’ journey. The team completed multiple courses and is now internationally recognised through many certificates.

“I had no experience and no training. It was simply love at first job.”

The path from a passion to a thriving business wasn’t without its challenges. Navigating bureaucratic hurdles, Veronica faced tests dealing with the intricate web of regulations and legislative changes in the Romanian business landscape. The introduction of new laws and taxes made it difficult for Veronica to start and develop her business. The year 2022 brought its own share of challenges, when she undertook floral decorations for high-profile events. Despite the obstacles, Veronica stayed optimistic and never stopped striving for perfection.

Royal Flowers distinguishes itself by infusing each arrangement with a personal touch. The team crafts tailor-made experiences for various events – weddings, christenings, corporate gatherings, birthdays with attention to detail and the customers’ needs. In addition to bouquets, their catalogue includes table arrangements, home decor, yard decor, and even personalised photo corners.

Beautiful flowers by Royal Flowers

Nurturing personalised experiences and community growth

What really sets small businesses apart is that personal connection with the local community. For Veronica, this is at the heart of everything, especially in her line of work where individual preferences matter a lot. That’s why Royal Flowers offers personalised consultations. By actively listening to customers’ specific requirements, understanding the event’s theme, and integrating seasonal blooms, each arrangement becomes a distinctive expression. The team makes sure to put in the time and effort to help create a memorable experience for their clients, especially for events such as weddings and birthdays.

Royal Flowers also goes the extra mile to meet their customers’ varied needs by providing multiple options for obtaining their flowers. Customers can choose between visiting the physical florist for a hands-on experience, placing online orders with free delivery, or subscribing for regular flower deliveries. All of this effort in creating a personal experience resonates with people and it shows in their reviews of the business. 

“The happiness and excitement I receive from customers’ reviews gives me strength and confidence to be better and better!”

Veronica Ursu also places significant importance on supporting local small businesses. Royal Flowers is an official partner of JCI Constanta – an organisation that provides young entrepreneurs and professionals with opportunities for personal and professional development, and BNI Constanta – a global networking organisation that helps businesses grow. Through these partnerships, Royal Flowers show their love for the community and the colourful landscape small businesses create. Veronica herself said it best:

“It’s all about small communities. They add value and life.”

Royal Flowers business accepts card payments with myPOS Go 2

A payment partner that supports your business

When running a small business that focuses on personal approach and taking your time with each customer, efficient payment processing is crucial. Royal Flowers found a reliable payment partner in myPOS and that helps them save time. 

Veronica shared that myPOS’ good customer-support communication and swift problem resolution contributed to her business success, making myPOS an integral part of Royal Flowers’ journey.

“myPOS helps me enormously because I get real-time insights into card transactions, benefit from low fees and it makes my work easier.”

Royal Flowers, born from an unexpected love for floristry, has bloomed into a successful venture by prioritising quality, personalization, and community involvement. Veronica Ursu’s dedication to her craft highlights how even a newfound passion can become a thriving profession. As Royal Flowers continues to grow, it stands as an inspiration in Constanta’s small business landscape, showing that commitment and community spirit pave the way for success.

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