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Smartphone sparkle meets payments convenience

There are 6.378 billion smartphones in the world. And if you think about it, this covers around 80.69% of the world’s population. Impressive, isn’t it? But if most people have a smartphone these days, what makes a smartphone stand out from the crowd? 

Your smartphone is a personal computer in your pocket. You’ve chosen your apps, music preferences, messenger and chat functions, podcasts, videos, images of you and your loved ones – the list is practically endless. But is that where the personality of your phone ends? 

With La Casa de las Carcasas (LCDLC), this is just the beginning

An expert in the sale of covers and accessories for smartphones and tablets, the company offers original designs, superb customer service and competitive pricing. It even gives talented young people a chance to show off their work through the products sold at LCDLC. 

The company was founded in Spain in 2012 and strives to appeal to anyone in possession of a telephone. This basically translates to the entire population (children excluded, of course!). And while its main target is aged 18 to 35, LCDLC has customers of all ages. 

So, what makes them so different? Just take a look at their shops! They are not only exceptionally attractive and well positioned, but also offer more assistants that you’d probably get anywhere else. Plus, prices are well below the market average, making them highly competitive. 

“To guarantee our customers the best experience, we invest in our staff and always have more people on duty than the space requires”, shared Davide Cristallo, the company’s country manager in Italy. He also explained that LCDLC places incredible importance on the purchasing experience as well as pre-and post-sales customer service.

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So, what business mission and vision does this translate into? Ultimately, it is that customers leave the shop happier than when they entered!

But with such scope for creativity, is there space for empowering the youth? With La Casa des las Carcasas, you can bet on it. Especially with #LCDLCambassadors – a programme, which brings in young designers and illustrators and allows them to create art, which can then be used on the products. 

And speaking of creative products, there also comes a time when creative payment solutions are needed. This is why La Casa des las Carcasas chose myPOS as its partner in payments. According to Cristallo, the company was positively impressed by the ease of use and the limited bureaucracy needed to get started. 

So, which myPOS device made the cut? Cristallo says the myPOS Carbon was their ultimate choice. This is attributed to the price/quality ratio as “it is the right device for us at a competitive price.” 

The myPOS Carbon, introduced to merchants in Europe in early 2021, is a truly versatile POS device because it is sturdy and strong, it is smart and it comes with a receipt printer offering an all-in-one payment solution. This way, contactless, Chip&PIN and magnetic stripe payments can be processed swiftly, all while offering increasingly cashless customers choice and convenience. 

When asked what benefits they’ve noted with the myPOS solution, Cristallo’s answer was “simplicity and speed… ease of configuration and use.” However, he advises individual businesses to choose the right device based on their particular needs. 

For its future plans, the company aims to open a chain of hundreds of points of sale in Italy, which are exclusively directly managed, so definitely keep a lookout for them! 

In the meantime, isn’t it time to dress up your smart device with some of your personality and sparkle, all while having the chance to pay in a convenient way?

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