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Radelina Vangelova is Sales Enablement Specialist, which is the first of its kind position at myPOS. She tells us what it’s like to be the know-it-all person in Sales and how she landed a unique position.

‘At myPOS, we appreciate people with innovative thinking who can offer solutions.’

Radelina embarked on her myPOS journey six and a half years ago, starting as a customer service specialist with Spanish, English and Bulgarian. Two years later, she became part of the Sales department, where she changed two positions. Her product knowledge and dedication to the team make her an ideal fit for Sales Enablement – a position where she develops trainings for the staff. Those trainings support her sales colleagues in dealing with customers, closing successful deals and having a high-level knowledge of all myPOS products and services.

How did myPOS win you over?

I was attracted by the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries and practice the languages I know. One of the reasons I work at myPOS is my wonderful team and the fact that most of the internal teams are based in one place. This is extremely convenient because you don’t have to wait days before you get feedback. I also like that the product we offer is available throughout  Europe and the touch of innovation that makes us different from other payment service providers.

What does a Sales Enablement Specialist do?

This is a specialist who takes care of the training and development needs. I’m the person who can equip my fellow team members with the necessary knowledge about sales, so they get more confident when meeting clients. I assist them by building on their knowledge – with training sessions and by sharing my Customer Service experience. Additionally, my job involves constant communication with our resellers and overseas colleagues.

Why do you like working with employees?

I don’t work directly with myPOS customers at the moment but I have always enjoyed being helpful to my colleagues to make the merchants more successful. Communicating with customers at my previous position has made me one of the most experienced people in the team. As a result, when a problem arises I can assist colleagues who communicate directly with customers. Here comes the best part – even though we are located in different countries, the sales team is always ready to assist.

What’s your superpower at work?

Answering all kinds of questions from colleagues. I also have empathy for people. When someone needs my help, I want to give them the confidence that they are the person who can solve the problem. I understand what it’s like to face a frustrated customer who is expecting your assistance.

What would you advise your colleagues who are just starting?

I would advise them to keep looking for ways to improve themselves. Don’t be satisfied with the information available on the surface and keep the flame of curiosity. I understand they may be unsure at first because they don’t fully know the team and are afraid to share their opinions. It’s normal to get a lot of information at first and not know how to process it, so always ask questions. With newcomers, there’s always fresh ideas.

What do you do in your free time?

Learning foreign languages is my hobby. I like to keep up my Spanish, and I recently started learning Italian, sometimes trying to communicate with colleagues from Italy. I have always had a passion for languages, it makes me happy. I also have another hobby which I haven’t practised in a long time, photography. I started as a student, bought a camera and photographed architecture and nature. I’m thinking of returning to photography and making time for it.

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