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Top ecommerce trends for mobile users this year

User-generated content marketing platform, Pixlee’s recently published article on “Top 8 Mobile Shopping Trends in 2020” provides interesting and important insights into mobile shopping behaviour and trends for the current year. 

If you’re in the mobile shopping space, you won’t want to miss this!

We summarise 7 key ecommerce trends for you here in this blog post, so keep reading for more!

1. Fast-loading user-generated content

Despite relatively fast internet speed, there are still some challenges users face when making purchasing decisions on a mobile phone. 

These are small texts and the slew of pop-ups which discourage shoppers from proceeding to checkout. 

This is where high-quality user-generated content comes in. 

And one which loads quickly as well. 

Once you’ve mastered this step in the consumer purchase-making cycle, you’re well on your way to making the next sale through your mobile platform.

2. The importance of apps that work with voice search

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important tool for making purchasing decisions. 

This is why your mobile shopping app should be enabled for voice search as users are becoming more and more tech-savvy and are looking for even more convenience when making a purchase.

3. Speed in payments and checkouts

If you’d like to have better sales conversion rates, you’ll want to ensure that your checkout and payment experience for your customers is as easy and smooth as possible. 

Ultimately, opt for payment methods which can be processed through a single click. 

Luckily, there are easy to use, simple and convenient online payment solutions like PayButtons, PayLinks and Payment Request that can help you do this!

4. AI, AR and VR

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are all tools that can help a customer better visualise the product being purchased and see how it can be applied in a real setting. 

That’s why, although these tools are still in the nascent stages of development, they are very likely to become more in-demand features of mobile shopping apps in the near future.

5. Instant response with chatbots

Proven to be a “game changer” in the sales conversion process, chatbots which operate through Artificial Intelligence are a great tool for answering queries and converting customers. 

However, these should be used sensibly as you would not want to isolate your customers who are looking for human or near-human interactions to help answer their questions quickly and accurately.

6. Image recognition technology built for mobile

We all know about QR codes and these codes are just one method of image recognition using mobile phones when shopping online. 

Apart from QR codes, new ways of searching for products on a mobile phone through an app are being developed and this market is expected to bloom in the future. 

Already making waves in China through an app called WeChat, image recognition technology is bound to get more and more sophisticated in 2020.

7. Purchasing through social media apps

Research indicates that 51% of millennials are more likely to buy products via social media, also called social commerce

Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among many others out there, are becoming growing marketplace platforms for purchases. 

Predictions indicate that the speed at which purchases will be made via social media apps will rise in the future and the entire mobile commerce space will be changed as a result of this.

Where to from here?

The way forward with mobile shopping is clear. 

Consumers are looking for increased speed, convenience and quality.

By aligning these demands with your product offering on your mobile shopping app, you’ll be better positioned to cater to your increasingly tech-savvy clientele and offer them ease of use, speed and better choice in their purchasing decision making process.

This is likely to lead to more sales and conversions, aligning with your ultimate business goals.

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