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Top 5 inventory software for small businesses

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in retail or run a restaurant. Your inventory is the bloodline of your business operations.

Gone are the days of using Excel to track, store, monitor, label, package and manage shipping.

There are 5 great apps available today to help your small business manage its inventory.

With insights from Camino Financial, we present to you the top 5 inventory apps that you can utilise in conducting your business.

1. Ordoro

If shipping is the name of the game for your business, you’ll want to try Ordoro as an inventory software solution.

While it doesn’t come with a mobile app, it’s not restricted to a limited number of users or to the number of shipping orders you perform.

Some of the benefits of Ordoro are that you can integrate it with third-party tools like ecommerce platforms, POS systems and accounting programs.

With Ordoro, you’ll be able to get automatic inventory updates, enjoy barcode scanning, create and complete purchase orders, connect supply channels or warehouses to the app, create order tags and view total revenues and costs.

2. Zoho Inventory

One of the most affordable inventory apps on the market, Zoho Inventory is ideal for growing small businesses.

It’s a cloud-based platform which is manageable through either iOS or Android devices.

The platform’s main features are barcode inventory management, sales performance calculator, tracking shipments and informing customers, monitoring and managing orders, adding multiple warehouses, and offering inventory updates.

3. SalesBinde

Another cloud-based platform is SalesBinder which means there’s no need for installing any programs on your devices.

With its free version, you can enjoy functions such as managing unlimited stores or warehouses, other apps integration, detailed inventory data, supplier management, shipment tracking, purchase order creation.

It’s ideal for managing customers, suppliers, invoices, budgets and purchase orders.

4. Veeqo

Suitable for all types of business sizes, this cloud-based software is available for desktop computers, iOS and Android operating systems.

The mobile app will enable you to manage your business remotely. It also offers a couple of very useful functionalities such as order, inventory, purchases and shipment management.

Some of the other system features include integration with third-party platforms, statistics generator, return management, shipping-label printing and multiple warehouse friendly.

5. Cin7

A robust inventory app that’s available for iOS and Android devices, you can also achieve point of sale system integration. In fact, this is one of this software’s greatest attributes.

Like Veeqo, it is suitable for any business size and with this software, you will be able to engage in inventory management, POS system for retailers, real-time stock control, shipment and warehouse management as well as B2B ecommerce.

Choose the best inventory software for your small business today

While there is a variety of apps and software to manage your inventory on the market, they come with different price tags and sometimes don’t offer all the functionalities that your business needs.

However, with one of the 6 apps mentioned above, you’ll be able to find the app and software that’s perfect for your business size and type.

Don’t hesitate to give them a try and take your business forward!

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