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Managing a Tuscan chocolate factory with myPOS

The story of an entrepreneur who has the superpower and passion to make perfect chocolates and grow his business with myPOS.

All lovers of great chocolate can now rejoice as Krasimir Zhelyazkov, the creator of Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao, has crafted something truly special. That’s why today we’ll take you on a virtual journey to the Chocolate Valley in Tuscany where, among some of the most famous chocolate factories, he built his own.

The entrepreneurial spirit makes a dream come true

It all started in 2013 with a trip to Nicaragua that fascinated the founder of Tuscani Cioccolato. His visit to the volcano- and jungle-rich tropical area, with plenty of Trinitario cocoa beans, made him think that he can’t leave the place empty-handed.

After meeting with many known chocolate artisans, he confirmed the quality of the cocoa. Krasimir knew that he held in his hands “some of the finest cocoa beans in the world.” So, he learned all the methods for picking, fermenting and selecting the cocoa and decided to start his business in Tuscany.

Krasimir turned an old cookie plant into a professional chocolate factory with bean-to-bar machines. “Bean to bar” literally means “from a cocoa bean to a bar of chocolate”.  The term indicates that the manufacturer works with real cocoa beans rather than with cocoa powder. In recent years, “bean to bar” has become a synonym of handcrafted, natural, high-quality chocolate.

Handmade chocolate from Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao

At Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao, the cocoa beans first ferment; then, they are selected carefully and roasted with care. The husk is separated and crushed to become a cocoa paste, and after that stone wheels spin the paste for 24 hours. At the end, with the right amount of sugar, the chocolate is ready.

This is how the unique products of Tuscani Cioccolato are born. More than 10 types of irresistible handmade chocolate with different aftertaste or aroma. For example, of wood and tobacco, tropical fruits and flowers or scents of the Amazon Forest. There is something for everyone: chocolate creams with an intense hazelnut flavour, chocolate dragees and even salt coated with chocolate. In short, various delicacies to make your senses explode.

The chocolate is so delicious that the business is growing. Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao already has an established sales network – through distributors and boutique shops. The products are also sold online on their website. 

When asked what makes customers choose his chocolate, Krasimir answered: “They see the difference between what they’ve tried previously and what we offer. People are impressed. This motivates everyone at Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao to work with love and diligence!”

“The other chocolate – the mass product sold everywhere – tastes the same. To be different, it must be made by real master chocolatiers,” he explained.

Tuscani Cioccolato is extraordinary, which makes the customers come back. But it’s not only the satisfied customers that make Krasimir enjoy his job.

myPOS offers solutions that grow the business

Krasimir partners with myPOS. “Since I started using myPOS, I’ve noticed that everything happens very quickly and this is very important in our fast world. With myPOS, things happen right away. When someone pays, you go to the ATM and withdraw the money whenever you need it. No more waiting!”

Krasimir explained that no one carries cash in Italy, and he noticed growth in the customers’ spending since they were given the opportunity to pay with a card. In his stores, he uses the myPOS Go portable card reader.

Do you think that the services of myPOS would benefit other entrepreneurs like you?

“Oh, yes, absolutely! myPOS would be beneficial to every entrepreneur. With myPOS, things happen very quickly and that’s perfect! When using myPOS, there is no waiting and no hassle. And you have time for every customer – in the store or online.”

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If you haven’t tried Tuscani Eccellenze di Cacao’s chocolates yet, visit their website and explore the fascinating world of handcrafted chocolate. Treat yourself and your loved ones, and dive into the world of luxurious flavours.

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