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myPOS now offers TWINT payments collection to all Swiss clients

After introducing TWINT payments collection for newly enrolled merchants in July, myPOS is now excited to share that the local payment method is available to all myPOS clients in Switzerland. 

TWINT has a wide-spread adoption across the Alpine country: Over half of the Swiss population already uses the app. As a result, myPOS is thrilled to partner with TWINT and offer another local payment method to its clients.

All Swiss myPOS merchants with a myPOS Go, Combo or Carbon device will be able to collect TWINT payments through a QR code via the myPOS terminals. More myPOS terminals will be added to the acceptance list soon.

QR codes became increasingly popular during the pandemic. They are a safe and easy payment method for consumers and they help merchants complete a sale when cash is not available. Together, myPOS and TWINT will enable more people to make QR payments on POS terminals while using their smartphones.

For myPOS merchants, this means an opportunity to easily collect TWINT payments through QR. When customers walk in your shop and indicate that they want to pay with TWINT, just initiate the QR code process on your terminal. They can then simply pay by scanning the QR code from their TWINT app – no need for the manual entry of cardholder data, the app does everything.


“The new integration with TWINT gives businesses the ability to cater to more payment needs. We understand that merchants are prioritizing cost efficiency and customer experience at the point of sale, and we strive to address that,” said Irfan Rasmally, myPOS Group Chief Operations Officer.

Just like myPOS, TWINT enables people to make and accept payments digitally and cashlessly. The app is free and is popular for its many practical functions which make users’ lives easier. For example, with TWINT, consumers can send each other money directly, purchase train tickets, pay for parking, order food or use the app to donate to charitable organizations.

Consequently, myPOS is thrilled to add TWINT to its suite of services and make payments easier for business owners and consumers alike.

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