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myPOS now provides Webhooks service

We are happy to announce that we are adding another useful integration to our payment and cashflow management services – Webhooks. The new Webhooks service immediately provides myPOS clients, who have integrated the service, with notifications when various transactions take place thus allowing merchants to have a closer look and control over their payment activities.

Webhooks are the latest technology in API development and, simply put, it is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information.  Created a few years ago, webhooks have the power to change the behaviour of a web page. Triggered by a certain event, set by the user, webhooks can invoke actions, configured by the user, on another web page.

myPOS merchants get the Webhooks service for free and to use it, they have to integrate with myPOS REST API, as described on our Developers web page. After doing so, they will be able to get notifications for various events that have been pre-defined in the API as possible choices. They include outgoing transfer events (initiated, approved or denied) and POS transactions such as a successful payment, denied transaction or automatic void. More events can be added at a later time too.

The new myPOS webhooks service is available now. To start using it, myPOS merchants should follow a short integration process:

1) Log into their myPOS account and go to the Integrations section.

2) Then they must generate a Client ID and a Client Secret, which will be used to perform authentication before myPOS REST API.

3) Then merchants should integrate with myPOS REST API

4) They will start receiving webhooks notifications.

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