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What is myPOS? Or more about our employer branding campaign

What is myPOS?

Over the past 7 years, we’ve answered this question, posed by hundreds of thousands of business owners from over 30 countries in Europe, who use our innovative and affordable fintech solutions. We still answer the question today, in 19 different languages to hundreds of merchants.

The response has always included how we help small and medium-sized businesses, which haven’t had access to the latest financial technologies. myPOS not only gives them that access, but also supports the realisation of the entrepreneurial dreams of thousands of people and their families.

The first 7 years are the most important – they say this about kids, but it seems to apply to companies as well. In the case of myPOS, the first 7 were stormy, exciting, filled with curiosity and sometimes very daring, much like the fearless children for whom the only boundaries are those of their imagination. And here we are today – rich in experience, awards, innovation achievements and incredible partners such as our clients and distributors. 

Most of all, though, we are rich in goals and ambitions as we draw from our inner strength – the myPOS people. That’s exactly where we got inspiration for our new employer branding campaign – What is myPOS?

We asked our people what is myPOS to them, and they answered – with inspiring words, with funny drawings, with original jokes and even some embarrassing revelations, which will remain a secret between the teams of Marketing and HR. You can already see some of these answers throughout Varna – on billboards and bus stops – not only using the words of our talented staff, but also the original handwriting. And we aren’t talking about modern phrases like “corporate culture” and “open office”, but rather about what makes our people invest in myPOS with their ideas, emotions and efforts every day.

You’ll notice that myPOS means something different to everyone: the ability to express yourself, to find a new beginning or to drink a beer with your team on a Friday. For us, the important part is that our colleagues have reasons to choose myPOS and find fulfilment. As a result, on top of being a successful business, myPOS also becomes someone’s voice, contribution, excitement, curiosity, tribune or family, and this is what makes us a company with a soul.

With this campaign, the idea is that the words should come straight from our people. This is why all colleagues have the opportunity to express their opinions through whimsical post-it notes, which they could fill out in their own writing.

Those in Paris, Milan, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bucharest and Sofia sent their contributions electronically, while over 270 employees at our Operations Centre at Business Park Varna had the opportunity to hand them in person.

Thanks to all of them, you can get to know myPOS better over the next few months. Of course, we also hope that you’ll write your own myPOS story, so we are expecting you and your friends at

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