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Being a premium brand – the interesting story of PL!K and myPOS

At myPOS we like to tell stories about growth and success, based on innovation and vision. Stories, in which small businesses become large thanks to their never-ending efforts to offer better and better products and to give the consumer a premium experience while buying and using the product.

This is the story of PL!K and myPOS.

Where does PL!K belong

PL!K most surely belongs to the premium brands. Created in 2013 by Vladislava Valkova – Lupo, the fashion brand PL!K is specialized in the making of exclusive handbags, wallets, and accessories for ladies. One of the unique features of the brand is that every item with the PL!K logo on it is hand-made by an experienced team, which pays attention to every minor detail. Another major characteristic of PL!K is that all products are made of genuine leather with no exceptions made whatsoever. What’s more, lead designer Vladislava Valkova says her goal is to not only to create high-quality attractive products but also items that carry a spirit of distinctiveness – something that is then passed on to their owner. In her mission to offer truly exceptional handbags and accessories, Vladislava walks the extra mile – the materials for a product series are used only once and never used again. This practice makes every PL!K product unique, so when you buy a PL!K handbag from one of the stores in Chicago, Plymouth or Sofia, don’t expect to see it there again next year.

What does it take to be truly a premium brand

High-quality items are always a plus for every fashion business, but the PL!K products alone cannot build the positive brand experience that every client should remain with. Other contributing factors are where PL!K’s stores are situated, how they are furnished, whether there’s an online store and last but not least – how can the customer pay for that lovely handbag that caught their eye. The entire journey must well-thought-out and details are a very important part of it.

This is where PL!K meets myPOS

Two years ago PL!K started offering its clients the convenience to pay with a debit or credit card, not only at the company store in Sofia using a card machine but also online, thus easing visitors who are not keen on carrying a lot of cash or prefer cashless payments. Accepting payments in-person and online also enables PL!K to serve clients from all over the world – a fact that greatly increases sales and the company’s growth potential. As for the store – it enjoys the opportunity to receive all payments instantly in the free myPOS account as well as the freedom to not have to keep a large amount of cash in the cashier’s drawer.

Vladislava confirms:

“I started using myPOS’ services two years ago because I not only wanted to offer greater convenience to my clients but also meet the ever-growing popularity of card payments. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the myPOS service – it comes with a low transaction fee, instant money settlement in my account, a free debit card that I can use the money with and most importantly – there are no monthly and yearly fees for using the myPOS payment terminal.”

Vladislava says that a lot of her clients prefer to pay by card so the POS terminal in the Sofia store is often used. At the same time, PL!K clients can order handbags and accessories online too so card payments are offered on the company’s web site as well.

“I find the instant funds’ settlement an extremely useful function for my business needs. I can then immediately use the money to pay my suppliers, partners and associates through the online banking service myPOS offers”, adds Vladislava. “The speed, security, and ease of every payment, as well as the excellent support of myPOS every time I have questions or difficulties, make me feel very satisfied with their services.”

But this is not everything – myPOS also offers additional services that help retail businesses grow and build a pool of loyal clients. For instance, with the Payment Request service, merchants can send payment links with a pre-determined payment sum to clients so that they can reserve a product or pay straight for it. These links are generated from the myPOS payment terminal from the merchant profile in the myPOS platform. After clicking on the link, the client is taken to a secure web page where they can enter payment card details and finish the payment process quickly and safely.

myPOS GiftCards is another interesting service which allows merchants to sell their own gift cards. They can be ordered from the myPOS platform and loaded from the myPOS device with a predetermined amount of money, which can only be spent at stores owned by the merchant, thus increasing the visitor rate and turnover.

Want to be like PL!K?

The success of PL!K would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the various payment methods the company offers. The myPOS terminals and online payment services are especially suitable to fashion and retail stores, where the chance for customers wanting to pay by card is particularly high. Don’t let them down and deprive them of the chance to feel premium – to be like PL!K just email us at and we will show you how to become a winner!

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