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Why passwords should be regularly changed

Keeping your myPOS account safe is not hard – all it takes is to change your password on a regular basis

The most popular way to restrict access is to use a password. Its main purpose is to keep unauthorized users away and therefore provide security to both accounts and data no matter where – be it an e-mail or computer account, at home or at work, etc.

With time, however, passwords become less and less secure. “Why” is an appropriate question? Well, the reasons are many. Let’s imagine there’s a password on your work computer and it is typed in every morning. The harsh reality is that there’s no guarantee a co-worker cannot see the keys pressed and with time to get to know the password. Another threat could be a compromised social media platform or local site that can leak out your passwords.

The best bet against such situations is to change your password on a regular basis. This, however, may not be such an easy task. The catch is that not every password will do – some of them are too short, while others are easy to guess. The best password, therefore, has sufficient length and is hard to figure out. Usually this means using a password that has more than a few symbols and includes digits, uppercase and lowercase letters and special symbols such as %, # or *. A great way to check the strength of a particular password is to visit the following web site: It will give you a good idea if the password chosen is a good one or not.

The downside of changing a password regularly is that it may be easily forgotten. Therefore measures against this phenomenon should be taken. One of the most common ways to prevent forgetting a password is to write it down on a piece of paper and then keep it in a secure place. It is also a good idea to check if and how a password can be reset in case it gets lost or forgotten.

We are proud to say that at myPOS we have taken security always very seriously. We constantly strive to improve it by implementing new technologies and measures and we are also a holder of several security certificates including PCI DSS 3.2. Our policy is to keep on improving security so expect more certificates, new technologies in the background and improved password management systems.

In the meantime it is always good to change passwords. So why not do it now?

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