Choose myPOS Payment Tag for payments acceptance without a website

Generate a simple and secure multiple-use Payment Tag to increase customer confidence and get paid online.

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No website? No problem!

The myPOS Payment Tag enables you to send a secure multiple-use URL link to your customers even if you don’t have a website. It’s safe and secure and leads to higher sales volumes.

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  • Smooth payment process for your customers
  • Free instant settlement of funds
  • No subscription or set-up costs
  • Full peace of mind with industry grade security
  • 24/7 payments acceptance - anywhere, anytime
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You need more payment options and your customers need freedom

Payment Tags are customisable and user-friendly payment links for multiple uses, offering flexibility and convenience. They can help you increase payment acceptance as you reach more customers in even more ways.

Create and name your Payment Tag's URL, add a payment amount or leave that to your customers, and send it to whoever you want using any chat app, SMS, email or another convenient method of communication.

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Guarantee a smooth and secure checkout process

When your customers receive the link, they will be taken to a simple-to-use checkout page to settle the payment. There they will be able to select the payment amount, provide a reason for the payment and leave a note for you.

myPOS also lets your customers choose to pay with a single click using Apple Pay or Google Pay - yet another method you can accept with us - adding even more flexibility to the overall payment experience.

Create your Payment Tag

Costs per transaction

No monthly costs! Just a one-off transaction fee when you make a sale.

£ 0/Month

No set-up cost or monthly fees

1.30% + £0.15

Per transaction

Domestic Consumer cards

1.30% + £0.15

Per transaction

American Express

2.50% + £0.15

Per transaction

All other consumer and commercial cards

2.90% + £0.15

Per transaction

MO/TO payments

Online payment fee + 0.5%

Per transaction

* Please note that for card-not-present transactions, cards issued in the UK are considered non-EEA cards and are charged as such.

Please note that the content in this table only displays a concise summary of our tariffs.
For the full breakdown of our pricing and tariffs, please click here.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps

  • Generate the Payment Tag

    Create the Payment Tag in your myPOS account and send it to your customers

  • The customers open the link

    They’re taken to a secure page to make the payment

  • Receive your funds

    See the money transferred immediately into your free merchant account

Ready to tap into the world of online payments even without a website?

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