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myPOS Solution

A full range of POS terminals for your business

Accept all card types and digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay, using our diverse range of portable card machines - from traditional devices to Android-based POS terminals.

myPOS Solution

myPOS Go 2

Affordable yet fully standalone card machine

15900.00 HUF 11900.00 HUF

excl. VAT

myPOS Solution

myPOS Go Combo

Card reader with a charging and printing dock

74900.00 HUF 51900.00 HUF

excl. VAT

myPOS Solution

myPOS Pro

Our most powerful Android payment terminal

98900.00 HUF

excl. VAT

Start accepting mobile payments with myPOS using just your phone

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Tap to Pay

myPOS terminals for vending machines, kiosks and self-service stores

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Unattended payment solutions

Pay only when you accept payments


Monthly costs

1.45% + 15 HUF

Transaction fee

Payout in seconds at no additional cost

Please note that our per-transaction fee consists of a percentage of the transaction amount, which varies across payment methods, along with a small fixed fee. Check our pricing here.

Accept online and mobile payments

You want to sell online? From social media to your very own e-commerce store - we have various tools for accepting online payments.

Aspiring to launch an e-commerce business? Create your free online store using our website builder with pre-defined templates and ensure the security of your customers' card payments. No setup or monthly fees, no hosting hassles and no design or coding skills needed.

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You already have a website, but you can't accept online payments? Integrate a simple and secure payment gateway or shopping cart plugin for a smooth checkout experience.

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Generate in seconds, share globally and get paid instantly. Through your myPOS account, you can create payment links and accept transactions securely, even without a website.

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Our virtual terminal functionality enables you to securely accept online transactions via email or over the phone. Even if your customer is on the other side of the world, all you need is your myPOS account.

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200 000+ merchants already trust us

Success stories

Sugar Shack: How a lockdown pastime turned into a community icon
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Fast, accurate, correct. The customer service is very helpful, the device works flawlessly, we are very satisfied.

I have been using it for years!


I've been using it for years!
Reliable, fast, clear, ready on time!
Never experienced any problems!

myPOS terminal reviews.


Very good! Small, easy to use, fast, economical.
The maintenance cost is low.
My friends I have told about the low cost of the terminal look at me with disbelief.
I was the first to buy the terminal from the dealer.

a flawless partner!


the batteries in the pos terminals are holding up well. Always available and quick to make payments. I used it a lot in the summer (apartments) and all 200 transactions worked quickly and perfectly.

The best terminal


The best terminal I have used so far. It is super fast, reliable, never freezes, never thinks. I enter the amount and it's already withdrawn. Can't be compared to anything else on the market. Never a network problem because of the dedicated SIM card.


I have been using it for years!

myPOS terminal reviews.

a flawless partner!

The best terminal

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myPOS Partners

At myPOS, we believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support in achieving shared growth. This is why we partner with diverse entities, including resellers, payments industry consultants, technology companies and specialised web and app developers.

  • Resellers

    Connect with clients in your network, help them grow and benefit from our remuneration package while doing so.

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  • Sales consultants

    Join our network of Sales Consultants, earn commissions for every new customer you activate.

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  • Technology Partners

    Do you see myPOS enhancing your product? Integrate our payment solution into your business model and boost your company.

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  • Affiliates

    Monetize your online traffic by promoting myPOS through ads, articles and social media posts.

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  • AppMarket Publishers

    See your product among the various business management apps on the myPOS AppMarket and reach thousands of clients.

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  • Developers

    Leverage myPOS's payment capabilities and integrate our software solution into your product for a smooth user experience.

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myPOS Store

Beyond card machines: myPOS unleashes the power of financial freedom

myPOS is an award-winning fintech company, providing an all-in-one business platform with everything you need to accept in-person, online and mobile payments. Trusted by more than 200 000 businesses across Europe we make cutting-edge financial solutions accessible to merchants of any size.

  • Point of Sale Innovation Award 2023, 2024

    Fintech Breakthrough

  • Best Use of Mobile 2022

    FStech Awards

  • B2B Payments Innovation Award 2021

    Fintech Breakthrough

  • Best SME Omnichannel Payments Platform 2020

    SME UK Enterprise Awards

  • Best POS Innovation Award 2019

    Merchant Payments Ecosystem


Your questions answered

Yes, creating a myPOS account will grant you access to our comprehensive platform, offering all the essential tools and features to manage your payments, free of cost, as there are no set-up or monthly service fees.

You can keep track of transactions, issue invoices, generate payment links and transfer funds between accounts. Moreover, funds from card payments received through your myPOS device, online checkout, or a payment link will be instantly deposited into your myPOS account.

Card payments take just a few seconds to process, and the money is immediately transferred to your myPOS account. This allows you to access funds promptly, using them to resolve urgent business expenses or allocate them as you see fit.

Activating your myPOS device is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is set up your myPOS business account and complete our online identification process.

Follow these steps to get up and running with myPOS:

Step 1. Start creating your free myPOS business account by downloading our mobile app.
Step 2. Complete the online identification process to help us get to know you and your business better.
Step 3. Our team will review and verify the information you provided.
Step 4. Once your account is set, activate your new myPOS card machine and the business card you received with it from the web account or the app.
Step 5. That's it! Your device is now ready to use and accept card transactions.

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