Unattended POS solution for self-service machines

Payment terminals for vending, parking and ticketing hotspots

Easy-to-integrate payment devices for any self-service environment

Elevate your payment acceptance, ensuring smoother and more efficient card transactions on your unattended machine

myPOS Sigma

myPOS Sigma

Smart payment solution for self-service projects


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Efficient and reliable

Engineered to the highest quality standards, myPOS Sigma allows merchants to accept any type of transaction, including QR payments. It has an IP65 certification for weather resistance and an IK08 certification for physical protection.

The sturdy and compact design features a wide range of connectivity options, including MDB, RS-232, LAN, USB-C and HDMI. This enables easy integration into the business landscape.

myPOS Sigma pay with card

Empowered by the Android 11 OS, myPOS Sigma is equipped with a 5.0’’ multi-touch screen for a flawless checkout at your vending machine or kiosk.

myPOS Sigma pay with card

Effortless integration

The package includes a 4G antenna and mounting bracket. myPOS Sigma eliminates the use of a vending controller. It provides a Plug & Play integration via its specially designed peripheral accessories - MDB power adapter, MDB branching cable, USB-C data cable, RS232 cable etc.

myPOS Sigma device with stand
myPOS Integra

myPOS Integra

Payment terminal for any unattended integration scenario

An all-in-one solution

Meeting IP54 & IK08 standards for physical protection, myPOS Integra empowers merchants to accept all types of contactless and card payments in self-service environments, no matter the circumstances.

myPOS Integra menu

Offering multiple connectivity options, this unattended POS solution is a perfect fit for amusement parks, electronic lockers, laundry services, fast food kiosks, and parking or ticketing systems.

A woman interacting with myPOS Integra

Built for harsh environments

Designed for indoor and outdoor locations, this self-service payment system is equipped with a robust chassis, resistant to hits and water, providing a reliable solution for your business.

myPOS Integra device

Additionally, it features a 4.3-inch TFT colour touchscreen display with a virtual keyboard, ensuring a user-friendly and convenient payment experience for your customers.

myPOS Integra display myPOS Integra display

What is an unattended POS solution?

Unattended payment terminals are card machines designed for self-service environments and are suitable for all types of industries. These devices are integrated into kiosks, vending machines or other systems and enable customers to make transactions independently, such as buying tickets, accessing parking facilities or purchasing drinks and snacks.

How does an unattended POS solution work?

The unattended POS solution processes card payments without the assistance of a cashier or salesperson. The transaction is categorized as non-face-to-face and supports various payment methods, including magstripe and Chip&PIN cards, contactless payments and digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay. myPOS Sigma provides the option to accept QR payments as well.

Girl in front of vending machine Girl in front of vending machine
Unattended solution Unattended solution

What is the difference between an attended and unattended POS solution?

The key difference lies in human interaction. Attended point-of-sale terminals require staff involvement, which is common in retail, restaurants and hotels.

Unattended POS terminals, however, operate autonomously and are ideal for self-service sales locations, such as kiosks, vending machines, petroleum forecourts, electric car charging stations, parking lots, transit and ticketing systems, and public laundries.

Does your business need an unattended POS solution?

An unattended credit card terminal ensures 24/7 sales without requiring staff supervision, offering the convenience of remote machine management and saving on personnel costs. Moreover, with card payments accepted directly on your machine, there's no need for in-person attendance or coin charging, further eliminating concerns about potential theft.

Unattended device with card Unattended device with card

Why choose a myPOS unattended POS solution?

We offer more than a payment terminal. myPOS unattended POS systems offer an unparalleled blend of convenience, efficiency and reliability.

  • Easy integration

  • Instant settlement at no extra cost

  • Secure payment processing

  • Compact and sturdy chassis

  • Multiple connectivity options

  • Colourful LCD screen

  • Easy to use and set up

Technical specifications

Compare the myPOS unattended payment devices and choose the one that best suits your self-service business

myPOS Sigma

myPOS Sigma

Featuring a multi-touch screen, flexible connectivity options and QR payment functionality, myPOS Sigma ensures enhanced customer experience and comprehensive payment capabilities.


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myPOS Integra

myPOS Integra

Boasting an easy setup and a compact yet sturdy chassis, myPOS Integra stands as a robust payment device, suitable for various self-service scenarios and industries.


Android 11



Quad Core Cortex A53, 2.0GHz




256MB DDR + 128MB Flash

Card readers

Magnetic Card Reader
Contactless Card Reader
Smart Card Reader

Magnetic Card Reader
Contactless Card Reader
Smart Card Reader


1280 x 720
HD Capacitive Touchscreen,

TFT ColourDisplay
0 x 272 pixels


Built-in Speaker

1 x Speaker
1 x Buzzer



Wi-Fi (2.4GHz ) + RS232

Peripheral Ports

USB Type-A, USB Type-C LAN, 2 x RS232;
MDB Master & Executive, MDB Slave Digital I/O, SMA

1 x USB device


(Digital I/O, MDB Slave, Master & Executive),
(MDB Master & Executive)

5.0V DC, 2.0A (via USB)

L x W x H (mm)

146 x 101 x 57 (Cutout size: 108.7mm*86.4mm)

140 x 122 x 73


490 g

491 g


Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature: -30°C to 80°C
Relative Humidity: 10% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Storage Temperature: -30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Physical Protection

IP65 & IK08

IP54 & IK08


PCI 6.x, EMV L1&L2, EMV CL1, QPBOC L1, Quickpass, Paypass, Paywave, TQM, JCB, Discover, Amex, IP65, IK08, ATEX, CE, RoHS

PCI PTS 5.x, SRED I EMV L1 & L2; EMV Contactless L1; Visa payWave MasterCard payPass; American ExpressPay; MasterCard TQM Discover D-PAS; Interac_Flash L2 J/Speedy L2; CSEC; APCA UL; CE; FCC; Anatel; CCC; RoHs; IC

What our customers say about us

"One of the things that stands out in my opinion is that you get your funds immediately. The fact that the money from card payments comes instantly into your account, you have access to it at any time and you can control the whole process is an advantage that we value highly."

Hristo Dimitrov

So Fresh, Bulgaria

"myPOS is a leader in providing innovative payment solutions to its merchants, and we, at Si Vending Spot, strive to provide the best for our customers."

Spas Ivanov

Si Vending Spot, Bulgaria

"One of the things that stands out in my opinion is that you get your funds immediately. The fact that the money from card payments comes instantly into your account, you have access to it at any time and you can control the whole process is an advantage that we value highly."

"myPOS is a leader in providing innovative payment solutions to its merchants, and we, at Si Vending Spot, strive to provide the best for our customers."

Your business essentials, all in one place

myPOS value-added perks you can benefit from

Free business account

Free business account

Register with myPOS to get a free online account, granting you access to the myPOS platform to manage your finances efficiently.

Instant funds payout

Instant funds payout

With myPOS, you get the money from each sale instantly transferred into your account at no extra cost.

Complimentary debit card

Complimentary debit card

As a myPOS customer, you are provided with a free business debit card for instant access to your funds.


Monthly costs

Zero monthly fees

myPOS doesn’t charge fixed monthly costs. Merchants pay only after a sale is completed successfully.

No binding contracts

No binding contracts

Unlike traditional banks, at myPOS, merchants are not bound by rental or long-term contracts, nor by cancellation fees.


Your questions answered

Since the successful operation of the unattended payment terminals requires internet access, you can connect the terminal to a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet network. This is done via the settings menu of the terminal.

Yes, you can set fixed amounts according to your specific requirements. Whether it's a vending machine with numerous items or a parking lot with a set entrance fee, you can easily configure and manage the amounts.

All myPOS devices work with NFC-enabled payments (Near Field Communication). This allows them to accept contactless transactions, whether from credit and debit cards or mobile devices. Nowadays, all smartphones have integrated NFC technology, meaning that customers only need to bring their mobile devices close to the terminal, and the transaction will be processed.

myPOS Sigma works with all vending machines using MDB protocol. The device has been successfully integrated with various vending machines, including Vendo Sanden, Saeco, Astro, Necta Canto, Tango, Kalea, etc.

Should you require any technical support, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with the integration of your new myPOS device.

Yes, if there are other payment devices in the vending machine, they can be connected to the free port of the MDB Interface cable.

Offer a customer-centric approach even when you are not there with an unattended POS solution from myPOS.