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  • Payment Request

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  • МO/ТO Virtual Terminal

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Superb payment solutions, superb guest experiences

As a hotelier, we understand how important your guests’ experiences are. You need to not only make a great first impression, but also uphold high industry standards all while ensuring your business runs smoothly from a financial point of view.

With myPOS’ physical and online payment solutions, you can rest easy with your payments. All accepted funds are instantly available in your free myPOS account! But not only that. You can also enjoy the convenience which has been built-in to our innovative payment platform!

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myPOS - an ideal payments partner for the hospitality sector

Choose myPOS as your partner in payments for your hotel and accommodation business! Our payment solutions are tailor-made to suit any hospitality industry business. Whether you choose the physical payment terminals with multi-operator and tipping mode, or the versatile online payment solutions to accept distance payments, myPOS covers all your payment needs. There are also multiple other value-added services such as the Private Label GiftCards to choose from, offering you comprehensive brand awareness solutions, too.


A vital feature for any B&B, hotel, motel, camping site or other accommodation business, Pre-Authorisation enables you to block funds on a credit card in order to process a future reservation. Payments can be made once your guests arrive. Alternatively, if they’re a no-show, you can make a deduction from the pre-authorised amount to cover your costs, ultimately reducing your risks.

Payment Request

An alternative payment solution that enables customers to go to a secure payment page where they enter their card details and complete the payment. There’s a much lower risk of chargebacks, making this an attractive and cost-effective option. Once the Payment Request has been generated, send it to your guests via email, SMS or a chat app!

POS Payments

The classic Point of Sale payment terminals are another myPOS payment solution for in-person cashless payments. Choose from a wide range of classic and Smart devices. Enjoy instant settlement of funds, in your free myPOS account with a free IBAN with each payment!

МO/ТO Virtual Terminal

The myPOS MO/TO Virtual Terminal enables you to accept card-not-present transactions via phone or email, when your guests are physically far away. A remote POS system, this feature is available in your account and through your payment terminal, enabling you to cater to a wider, global clientele.

Reduce costs, save on excessive fees and reach more guests with Payment Request