Refer a business to myPOS and get 30 EUR each

Know a business which would benefit from our payment solutions? Refer it to us and you’ll both get 30 EUR* each!

* Bonus and discount may vary depending on country. Terms & Conditions for myPOS Referral Program apply when you or your friends are using the referral link.

How to start earning with our Referral Program?

Invite your friends

Tell your friends about myPOS and send them your personal referral link. You can find it in your myPOS account in the “Refer a business” menu.

Share it via SMS, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, or directly copy and send it via your favourite method.

The new merchant opens a myPOS account

They follow your referral link, complete the sign up form and buy their first payment terminal, through the link, from the myPOS Online shop with 30 EUR discount! Please note that for a successful referral, the new customer must buy the terminal from the online shop through your referral link.

All that’s left for them is to get verified, activate their device and enjoy the full range of myPOS services.

You earn 30 EUR

Remember, you get rewards for every new client you successfully refer to myPOS.

Once they buy a device through your referral link and have been live with myPOS for 30 days, you will receive your 30 EUR referral bonus straight in your business account.

It’s nice to help other businesses and it helps to be nice!

You already know how myPOS helps your business grow. Share your experience, help others benefit from the myPOS payment solutions and you will earn 30 EUR for every successful referral as a thank you from us.

Do you know anyone in need of a payment solution?