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What is Payment Request?

Payment Request is a myPOS functionality allowing merchants to accept payments from around the world. It works as a one-time, personalised payment link that leads to a secure checkout page.

Easily generated through the myPOS account, the link can be sent via SMS, email or a messaging app.

In the presence of a customer, the functionality also allows QR code payments through your myPOS app, POS terminal or the myPOS Glass app.

  • Secure

    Lower chance of chargebacks

  • Efficient

    Built-in tracking and reporting

  • On-the-spot

    Instant access to your funds

  • Simple

    Easy to use and set up

Pay only when you get paid

No monthly fees or rental contracts!


Monthly costs

1.30% + £0.15

Per transaction


fee for instant funds payout

Domestic Consumer cards

1.30% + £0.15

Per transaction

American Express

2.50% + £0.15

Per transaction

All other consumer and commercial cards

2.90% + £0.15

Per transaction

MO/TO payments

Online payment fee + 0.5%

Per transaction

Please note that the content in this table only displays a concise summary of our tariffs.
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How Payment Request works?

Tailored for businesses of all types

Rental services

Rental services

Whether you rent out vehicles or accommodations, collect payments with ease both remotely and directly from customers at your location.



Sell without boundaries, reaching shoppers globally. Unlock unlimited payment opportunities from customers worldwide.

Private hosts

Private hosts

Enhance your guests' experience by accepting distant payments for your private accommodation and leave a lasting impression.

Art, music and hobbies

Art, music and hobbies

Transform your passion into a thriving business. Unlock your inner artist and monetise your hobby.



Charge one-time subscription fees or collect regular membership payments. You choose the amount and frequency.



Collect attendance fees for event venues of all types and sizes. Sell your tickets and merchandise online or on-site.

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Payment Tag is a multiple-use URL link that leads to a secure web page for online payments. It is easy to create, and you can customise it by choosing your link's name and adding your company logo. Once generated, you can share it via all major communication channels.

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myPOS Checkout

Elevate your business to new heights and unlock its full e-commerce potential. Seamlessly integrate a secure payment gateway into your website using myPOS Checkout, and start selling online.

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PayButton & PayLink

Designed for multiple uses, these intuitive payment links and buttons come with a preset amount. You can share the links through email, SMS, social media or even embed them in YouTube videos, while the buttons are perfect for integration into your website or blog.

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Frequently asked questions

The perks that come with Payment Request are numerous. In addition to facilitating remote sales and broad customer reach, the service also includes the following benefits:

  • User-friendly and straightforward setup, saving time and hassle
  • Shared across various communication channels
  • Versatility in receiving payments for a wide range of purposes
  • Built-in tracking and reporting features that simplify monitoring transaction statuses
  • No monthly fees, you pay only when you make a sale

Although both services may appear similar at first, they offer different functionalities. Payment Request is a single-use URL link with a pre-set payment amount, generated for each transaction. On the other hand, Payment Tag is designed for multiple uses. Generated once, it can then be used repeatedly with different clients. Moreover, you have the option to specify a payment amount, but you can also leave that decision in the hands of your clients.

Both Payment Request and invoices allow you to accept card payments from your customers remotely. The main difference is the format in which your customer receives them.
Payment Request is a simple payment URL that can be shared with your customers via various communication channels. It only contains information on the amount and description. By following the link, clients can make an immediate payment through a secure webpage.
On the other hand, invoices are more comprehensive, encompassing information about payment items, tax and the payee's bank details. The payment is usually made through a bank transfer, making it a bit more complex.

Yes. You can request a payment from anyone, regardless of their location and using any of the common communication channels.

A payment request should include the following elements: payment amount, reference, validity period and your customer's details, such as their email address or phone number.

Certainly! Payment Request has been designed to empower merchants to sell across borders and receive payments from customers worldwide in a simple and efficient manner.

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