Skyrocket your sales with myPOS Private Label GiftCards

Seeking new business opportunities? Look no further than myPOS GiftCards!

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Order personalised GiftCards today!

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1. Create your own GiftCards

Log in to your myPOS account and go to Sales > GiftCards. Choose a design, add your company name and details, and place the order. The cards will arrive in 3-5 business days.

2. Load the cards

Load the GiftCards in seconds, using your myPOS terminal. Navigate to menu GiftCard, enter the desired amount and swipe the card. It’s so simple and the loading fee is only 1 EUR.

3. Sell and track the results

Put the cards in beautiful packages and encourage your clients to buy a GiftCard as a present for their loved ones. Track sales, card usage and outstanding balances in your myPOS account.

Great for any occasion. Great for your business.

The myPOS GiftCards can be redeemed only at your business locations and that makes them a powerful marketing tool for your business. Sell them to your customers or use them as an incentive for marketing campaigns and promotions. Either way, they will help you attract new customers, boost sales and revenue.

The benefits for your business

Simple to order and use

myPOS GiftCards work with your myPOS account and terminal. It’s simple to get started and sell. It’s easy for customers to buy and redeem.

More sales and better brand recognition

With each purchase of GiftCards, your existing customers turn into brand ambassadors who spread the word about your business and bring new customers.

Smart tracking and reporting

All statistics and sales data are in one single place - your myPOS account. You don’t need to buy any additional software or tools.

Need more inspiration on how to use myPOS GiftCards?

  • Offer them in exclusive promotions
  • Give them as part of special offers
  • Reward your loyal customers
  • Use them as employee incentives and rewards