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5 Christmas tips for small businesses from myPOS

In one of the most exciting periods of the year – Christmas and New year, we turn to local businesses and independent professionals who are facing various challenges due to pandemic circumstances.

Very often, it’s when we are challenged by limitations, that we step out of our comfort zone and look for alternative solutions to our problems that we would not normally think of. Here are some from fintech company myPOS. 

1. Secure yourself with a portable POS to accept cashless payments

As the holiday season approaches, people become more concerned and empathetic to those around them, including being more inclined to support local businesses and crafts instead of their favourite international brands.

If you are one of these local businesses, take advantage of the attention and offer your customers different options for accepting payments – in this case, their convenience is key and you can not afford to refuse a customer just because they did not come with cash in their pocket.

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myPOS offers various solutions in this direction – from the myPOS Go pocket card reader, to the most innovative solution myPOS Glass, which turns the merchant’s Android phone into a POS terminal, without any additional cables or devices. 

Whatever solution you choose, myPOS provides you with a free business account where accepted payments are received instantly!

2. Sell your own gift cards

Gift cards are a very effective and popular tool to sell your goods and services in the form of gifts and increase your loyal clientele.

One of the many added-value services that myPOS offers is GiftCards – plastic cards branded with your logo and vision, which you can order from your myPOS account and top up with individual amounts directly from your POS terminal.

3. Accept payments remotely

Acceptance of remote payments provides new channels for attracting customers. In addition to the popular checkout modules for online stores, there are some less popular and inexpensive solutions, suitable even for micro businesses that do not have a website or online store.

These are the payment buttons and links that can be placed in merchant profiles on social channels, as well as sent by email or SMS. The most popular among them is the myPOS Payment Request service, with which the merchant can generate a one-time payment link with any amount and send it by email, SMS or chat to their client.

When the customer opens it, they are taken to a secure payment page, where they enter their card details and finalise the payment. The service does not have a subscription fee and a transaction fee is paid for each accepted payment.

4. Collect due payments

Cash flow is important for any business, but is even more critical for small and medium-sized businesses that rely on every order or sale. Send invoices to your customers using the free Invoicing service available on the myPOS platform.

You can choose a custom design of invoices, automatic calculation of discounts and most importantly – you can give your customers a chance to pay by bank transfer or via a payment link sent by email or SMS. You also save yourself the inconvenient reminder calls to customers and partners – just send them an invoice instead!

5. Give your business a luxury metal business card

Your business is you in action. Start the new year with a luxury product that will give your business access to first-class services and additional benefits.

This is exactly what the new series of premium business cards offers – myPOS Visa Platinum – with variants of Silver, Gold and Metal cards.

In addition to being linked to your myPOS account and the fact that you can use payments received for business purchases, the premium cards offer higher payment limits, free ATM withdrawals, 0.1% refunds on all payments made during the year, 10 or 15% refunds on purchases made at myPOS, as well as LoungeKey access to business lounges at over 1000 international airports.

The myPOS Visa Platinum Metal card is undoubtedly a favourite in this series, chosen by more than 50% of merchants ordering premium cards. 

The end of the year is a time for reflection, but also time for successful closure of the 2020 page – a year full of challenges and lessons. Use all available solutions on the market for a successful start to 2021! Ho ho ho!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the contents of this article and the myPOS Blog, in general, should not be interpreted as legal, monetary, tax, or any other kind of professional advice. You should always seek to consult with a professional before taking action, since the particulars of your situation may materially differ from other cases.

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